Good News: 3 MORE Ways Things Are Better Than They Seem

A few weeks ago, we shared some highlights of good news from a Twitter thread by Romeen Sheth. These insightful tweets gave some numerical proof that things aren’t as bleak as the news would have you think. There is a lot of good happening in the world right now that we can celebrate, just based on statistics that we have. 

In the spirit of raising spirits, here is a look at three more pieces of good news from this thread that we think are definitely worth celebrating! 

3 Good News Graphs to Celebrate!

1. The World is Increasingly More Literate

While reading may seem as normal and natural as breathing to some, it hasn’t always been so. Now a commonplace skill across the world, historically, reading has only been accessible to a few. There was a time when only male scholars and nobility could read, for example. Now we can rejoice that in America, reading is accessible to all.

Reading helps us to communicate, glean truth, and stay up to date on the world. And according to this graph from Our World in Data, literacy rates have done a complete 180 degree flip. In the 1800s, more than 85% of the world was illiterate. Now as of 2020, more than 85% of the world is literate.

Good news: graph showing literacy rates over time

2. There’s More Access to Education

Education helps people become literate, and literacy helps people become educated. It’s no surprise that the two statistics are both improving. All over the world, the number of children receiving an education through primary school is increasing. With education, we can expect more and more children to be inspired to create, invent, and make the world a better place.

While not all of the world’s geniuses went on to college, primary school and exposure to subjects like math, computer science, and more helped them be the great, curious-minded people they are. We can hope and expect that there will be more incredible technological advances across the world.

Good news: graph showing rates of children in primary school

3. Economic Output is On the Rise

Of course, this is another statistic to celebrate. A population that is educated or trained in skilled labor can create more wealth and build a bigger and better economy. Education can create opportunities for people to better themselves and the world–even unconventional education. One of our favorite charities, for example, is the Heifer Project. You can donate animals to villages and towns internationally. The recipients are then mentored on how to care for their livestock and create a business that supports their local economy. It’s a practical and impactful organization that benefits everyone involved. And we think the best things in life occur when everyone can win! 

The chart below is proof enough that the economy is on the rise, which means more communities can thrive. In fact, over the last 100 years, the world GDP has increased by 30x. We think with more people being entrepreneur-minded, and the growing sophistication of AI, there’s going to be some exponential growth still!

Graph showing world GDP increasing over time

Take This Good News and Run! 

The power of good news is that it can inspire us into action, and help us feel inspired rather than defeated. Hearing something positive can be a mood booster, a relief even, yet there’s a powerful possibility awaiting. It all starts when you ask yourself, “Now what?” 

World literacy is at an all time high, now what? Maybe you have a book idea in you somewhere, a story or concept that you want to tell. We use our Prosperity Thinkers platform to educate and uplift, because we believe the world could use more financial literacy

More children around the world are getting an education, now what? Could those children benefit from a more well-rounded, entrepreneurial influence? We think so! College isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. 

The point here is to let good news uplift you, so that you can uplevel that news and do something great with it! So what kind of waves are you going to make, armed with this good knowledge?

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