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Do you feel overwhelmed or insecure about your financial future?

Nearly 80% of Americans feel anxious about their finances. A lack of time, knowledge, or reliable guidance can leave you feeling lost on your financial journey. You have earned the ability to have a streamlined financial strategy that you fully understand, so that you can pursue your dreams with confidence and ease.

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Set yourself free to dream big again.

Don’t let analysis paralysis and contradictory advice keep you from firm financial footing. With Prosperity Pledge™, your time will be freed up to do the things you truly love while building a foundation of financial freedom.

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Connect with your financial guide to make sure you’re on track to achieve financial freedom

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Access your designated team of experts for unlimited insurance requests and policy monitoring

Item 3

Create your customized and holistic financial profile

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Gain knowledge through exclusive tools and guides

Empowering you to make smart financial decisions

With Prosperity Pledge™, you’ll get personal financial guidance to help you set and meet financial objectives. You’ll be invited to attend 1:1 semi-annual calibration meetings where your guide will help you stay on track to claim financial freedom. 

Your financial guide will help you with:

One-on-one support anytime you need it.

Release your fears and embrace financial peace of mind, with the partnership of our expert team. With unlimited support, you will feel prepared and decisive when it comes to your financial future.

Our guides provide:

Is your financial house in order?

WealthView 360™ (Bonus)

Is your financial house in order?

Uncover financial blindspots with a panoramic view of your financial profile. As an added bonus to your Prosperity Pledge™ membership, you’ll gain access to an individualized and holistic WealthView 360™ that will guide you in making wise decisions and thinking prosperously.

All five financial factors. All in one place.

Learn and grow at your own pace.

Our self-guided course will put you on track to gain mastery over your finances and ownership over your life.

Learn the ins and outs of building cash value and insuring your life with flexible and guaranteed coverage.


See what our clients have to say.

Membership in the Prosperity Pledge has been one of the best decisions we've made. The materials used for the self-directed learning have been educational and easy to use. Kim and her team are knowledgeable and willing to share this knowledge in a really straight-forward and open way that makes us comfortable with asking questions.
- Suzanne
Kim is such a gem to work with. Her wealth of knowledge is unmatched! Her and her team members are determined to maximize their client's financial goals to help them reach and exceed their goals. Additionally, Kim provides numerous outlets for her clients to further their financial education in ways that they learn best! She is a gifted and talented teacher, leader, and financial trailblazer. If you are looking for a professional team that will advocate for you, [Prosperity Thinkers] is your accomplished resource.

Katie Cunningham
First of all, I love Kim's philosophy of abundance. It is definitely a paradigm shift that is needed in our world, and has changed how I think, how I live, and how I prepare for the future. I love Kim's personality. She is a very positive person with a warm demeanor and is ready to help anyone. Lastly, she is a master at what she does. I haven't found anyone that comes close to her knowledge of how to build wealth conservatively while protecting yourself and your assets. I wholeheartedly recommend Kim and her company to anyone!

Brett Thompson
I can't begin to portray the depth and breadth of knowledge Kim and her team have for all things personal finance. I've learned so many new ways of thinking about managing my finances, the difference between saving and investing, the importance of the flow of money, and so much more. Kim's programs are excellent for anyone that wants to take control of their financial life and is ready for more than the typical cookie cutter advice.

Jarrod Matteson
I’m super grateful for Kim’s words of knowledge. She genuinely cares and gives from her heart and the data she imparts are priceless. After speaking with her, I felt confident that I’m in the right direction and, I must add, I’m so excited because I now have tools to work with! Thank you Kim and team.

Digna Del Orbe
Kim Butler, her team, her podcasts, and her books have really helped our family develop multi-generational plans for donating, investing, protecting, and enjoying the resources our family has been blessed with.
— David Shirkey
It is rare these days to buy a product you will actually own the rest of your life. Whole life insurance is certainly that and it’s nice to know that the PT team is stepping up the service aspect of owning this product, to support fully making use of it all along the way. I praise your company's services and I firmly believe in the Infinite Banking Concept (or, as I first came to know it, Income For Life) as the cornerstone for wealth building and preservation.
— Mark L.
I have been completely blown away by the level of financial education and support I have received from [Prosperity Thinkers]. I learned prosperity principles that were inspiring and lead to me having a total "ah-ha" moment. The way I have thought money worked for the last 20 years was wrong and I finally understood why it wasn't working.

Katie Jackson
Kim and the Prosperity staff are extremely professional and highly qualified.Kim has helped me tremendously with understanding how to build wealth and the tools to do so. Kim is a fabulous 'teacher' providing clear concise answers to questions and her books and materials have certainly helped me to become a more educated consumer. I never miss an episode of her podcast too as these are short and very informative.

Jodi C
Kim is a wealth of information with year of experience. The company delivers excellent service with a financial road map.

Kevin Wolf
I appreciate the wisdom and support I've received over the past 19 years, and especially now as I navigate a new beginning ... To you and your entire team, "thank you!"

Rick Metler
When learning about the benefits whole life insurance provides and looking at purchasing it for our newly born daughter, it makes me wish I had whole life insurance at the age of 5 or better yet newly born!
—Adam Cebulla
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