Good News: 3 Ways Things Are Better Than They Seem

The news can be overwhelming, often negative… yet is the news the most accurate depiction of the world today? We don’t mean to downplay serious events, however it’s no secret that negative news tends to sell. It sucks people in, and keeps them glued to the drama. The good news can be sprinkled in so sparsely you may think it doesn’t exist. Yet, there is good news abounding, if you know where to look. 

On Twitter, a thread of “positive news” recently went viral. The author of the tweets, Romeen Sheth, shared graphs from Our World in Data that show some truly incredible and uplifting truths about the world today… ones that may give you a little more hope than what you’ll find on television. 

Today, we’d like to share with you some highlights that we found particularly inspiring. 

3 Powerful Pieces of Good News

1. Life Expectancy is Increasing

We’ve talked about increasing life expectancy a lot in our posts because it’s a compelling reason to opt for permanent life insurance. After all, a policy that ends at age 65 with no “payout” won’t do much good if you live to 120. 

The chart below has an amazing international focus, showing that life expectancy isn’t just improving in the United States. It’s improving all across the world. Thanks to modern advancements, people are getting to enjoy long and fruitful lives. 

Consider Sheth’s own experience–his parents are from Uganda and India. In Sheth’s tweet, he shares that when they were born, the life expectancies in their countries were 41.5 and 39.6 respectively. 

This is progress that can be celebrated worldwide! 

2. Child Mortality is Decreasing

Child mortality is a large factor in life expectancy calculations. 200 years ago, child mortality rates were significant, and we have seen a steep decline in the last 70 years. This is an incredible statistic to celebrate, as no parent wishes to outlive their child. As our science and technology advances, we can only expect this rate to decrease. 

3. More of the World is Embracing Democracy

It’s incredible that we can celebrate longer, more fruitful lives. And one thing we can most certainly celebrate is that more countries in the world are embracing Democracy. What this means is that more governments are being ruled by the people, for the people. 

As evidenced by the graph below, more of the world’s population than ever is living under a Democratic political rule. In other words, our world is freer than ever. And as Romeen puts it, “More of the world is living in the best political system for creativity, inclusion, and capitalism.”

We can be thankful that an increasing number of people live in a world where their voices can be heard, they have the freedom to pursue fulfilling work, and creative solutions and individuality are embraced. (We happen to think that these are some of the secrets to a Prosperity Mindset and a successful life.) What will you make of the opportunities you have in a Democratic society?

What Can We Learn from This Good News?

The best “good news,” we think, is news that we can learn from. It’s a choice to consume information, and there is much to be gleaned from “positive” sources. First of all, seeking out positive news can be uplifting and inspirational. It can elevate your mindset to what’s possible–and those who think in possibilities tend to SEE opportunities. 

Furthermore, when we see positive news like this, it can often spur us to take positive action–action that isn’t rooted in fear. For example, news like an increasing life expectancy, we hope, may inspire people to do a few things. First, to live knowing that a long, healthy, prosperous life is possible, and making choices accordingly–both in healthy physical habits and financial habits. If you knew you could live a long life, would you choose to prepare for the best possible outcome by saving and growing your money, working a job you love, and taking care of yourself? We’d like to hope so! 

Alternately, does knowing that the world is experiencing more freedom inspire you to embrace that freedom and make use of it? There’s really no right or wrong answer, however it’s worth considering how good news can make a positive impact on your life. Even if it’s just encouragement, that’s a worthy reason to seek good news. 

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