The Prosperity Thinker’s Purpose

At Prosperity Thinkers™, we aim to educate
entrepreneurs, investors, and other wealth-minded
people to think and act more Prosperously.

We’re here to help you create good money methods and take back ownership and control of your finances.

We focus on whole life insurance solutions for storing cash and creating liquidity–so you can have certainty your whole life. Better yet, you’ll become more attuned to the opportunities in your life.

There are no minimums to work with us—just a desire to learn, save, and think Prosperously.

Are you ready to be a Prosperity Thinker?

Kim Butler Alpaca

Meet our Founder:
Kim Butler

The heart of Kim’s vision, and mission, is to activate lifelong service for her clients. What does that mean? It means inspiring them to live lives of purpose for their whole lives—rather than retiring or taking themselves “out of service.” (Which is the definition of retirement.)

Kim, who has seen many facets of the financial industry, now helps clients to create long-term financial strategies for building sustainable wealth using whole life insurance. Life insurance is under-utilized by the masses, yet is the “secret” foundation of America’s wealthiest.

Kim Butler Alpaca

The Prosperity Economics Movement &

Prosperity Economics is a return to the most traditional and time-tested wealth-building strategies. We’re talking about the financial vehicle of our founding fathers—which has survived wars, recessions, presidencies, and much more.

At Prosperity Thinkers™, we don’t “manage your assets.” We put you back in the driver’s seat by automating and optimizing your money habits so that you can KEEP control. 

And we love teaching you how to use both the Cash Value and the Death Benefit to benefit your Whole Life.

We want to empower YOU to:

  • Take back control of your money.
  • Be a Prosperity Thinker by applying the 7 Principles of Prosperity.
  • Grow your financial confidence while minimizing associated taxes and fees.
  • Learn and apply strategies to help you live long and prosper… without the stress.
  • Create, apply and AUTOMATE better money habits.
  • Take positive action every day.

How automating your savings activates long-term prosperity

Money isn’t the most important thing, yet money affects everything that is important.

We also know that when we automate wealth building, all those important things that get affected by money (relationships, health, inspiration, experiences) stand to benefit.

Here’s the deal: building and protecting wealth aren’t as effective when accomplished by willpower. You, as a “human doing,” only have so much stamina. Yet you, as a human BEING, are limitless. So here’s our question to you… are you willing to do the work to transform your mentality and your actions around money?

We want to put YOU back in control of your money. Our “Prosperity Economics” model will help you build wealth with certainty through automation—putting time back in your day.

Meet the Prosperity Thinkers™ Team

Kim Butler Prosperity Thinkers image

Kim Butler

Founder of Prosperity Thinkers™, LLC and Co-Founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement. Kim helps people in all 50 states add Life Insurance to their personal finances, as a foundation for wealth and prosperity.

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Theresa Sheridan

As a key team member who helps activate each policy as well as a "beneficiary strategy" for each client. She is a paperwork master, results oriented go-getter and fully capable of answering your questions.

Rae Ann Vitense

If you’re new to Prosperity Thinkers™, start with Rae Ann and she will get you pointed in the right direction! If you already own a product or have questions, Rae Ann will help you, too.

Emma Herman, financial guide

Emma Herman

Emma Herman is a Prosperity Advisor at Prosperity Thinkers™, residing in St. Louis, MO, with roots in the California Bay Area. She feels Whole Life Insurance is the industry’s best kept secret and she’s on a mission to make it well-known again.

Cole Brannan

Cole Brannan hails from Corvallis, Oregon, but is soon to call Arizona home. He serves as an Ads Analyst, Content Creator, and Social Media Manager. With a background in streaming on Twitch, Cole brings his computer knowledge and social media prowess to his current roles.

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