Get a No-Cost, No-Obligation Life Insurance Policy Review

If you have questions about your Life Insurance Policy, you’re not the only one! Too often, we hesitate to ask, feeling like our questions will betray our ignorance or be regarded as “stupid questions.”

We assure you, there are no stupid questions! Here are some of the many questions we’ve heard from our clients:

  • “Do I have enough coverage?”
  • “What is my internal rate of return on the cash value? of my whole life policy?”
  • “Does it make more sense to put money in my 401k or my life insurance?”
  • “Can I put more cash into my life insurance policy so that I can grow it safely, tax free?”
  • “I started out with term insurance because it’s all I could afford. When should I get permanent insurance?”
  • “What’s the difference between whole life, universal life, variable life vs. equity indexed… I’m confused!”
  • “Can I use my insurance policy to increase my cash flow, buy a car, or go back to school?”
  • “Is there a way to eliminate my premium payments and still keep my insurance?”
  • “How can I use my death benefit while I’m living?”
  • “If I no longer want or need my policy, can you help me compare the benefits of selling my policy, taking my cash value, or other options?”

If any of these questions are resonating with you, we’ve got one simple question for you: When is the last time you sat down and strategically examined your life insurance? Chances are, it’s been years. Chances are, you might not even remember or fully understand the benefits of the policy you bought years ago. Chances are, it’s time!

For a limited time, Partners for Prosperity, Inc. is offering a No-cost, No-obligation Life Insurance Policy Review for our readers. Why would we do this? For three reasons:

  1. Most people are confused about their policies or tend to under-utilize the potential benefits they provide. We can help!
  2. It’s a great way for us to provide a valuable service to our current clients who may have new questions.
  3. It’s also an excellent way for us to meet our readers, new clients, and friends referred by our current clients.

Just fill out the brief form below and you’ll be contacted by a p4p team member in the next day or two. Our Investment Advisor Representatives are experienced advisors who are licensed in your state and who have also obtained their Series 65 (or an equivalent).

Note: This is not a sales pitch to get you to replace your current policy. (We almost never recommend that.) Rather, we’d like to answer your questions, help you understand what benefits your current policy provides you, and make sure you are aware of and utilizing those benefits.  Life Insurance is about living and using the product now!

Just click here and enter your information. It will be kept strictly private and will only be used for the purpose of setting an appointment to confidentially discuss your life insurance policy. And remember, there is no cost and no obligation! We look forward to assisting you.

4 thoughts on “Get a No-Cost, No-Obligation Life Insurance Policy Review”

  1. I have a whole life policy, that is participating, with guaranteed interest of 4% per annum bearing, with a total of $125,000.00, of death benefits, I’ve had it for 32 years, at the moment it carries a loan of $43,000.00, interest on the loan is up to date, paid every year, with a cash value of $50,000.00 plus yearly dividends of $2400.00, and paid up insurance value of $45,000.00 How can I get cash out of it, I’m 80 years old, and I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, please help, thank you

    1. Hi Douglas,

      We are glad to hear you have maintained your policy.

      You have some options with your policy. It should be an option to simply withdraw funds, which SHRINKS your policy, but then you would not have a loan (or another loan) to repay. The downside of that option is that it lowers the death benefit. (You could also take a withdrawal and pay off part or all of your current loan, if that was helpful to you.)

      You would also have an option to take a new life insurance loan against your cash value.

      Finally, depending on your policy and your diagnosis, it’s possible that you might have a life insurance rider that would allow you to advance a portion of your own death benefit now.

      You’ll want to contact either the insurance company itself or the advisor/agent who you work with (if they are still around… it has probably been a long time!) There is surely a phone number on your statements which would be a good place to start.

      We hope for you a full recovery!

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