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I have worked with Kim Butler for over 25 years, and she has helped me be a Prosperity Thinker! I have become my own banker and now save automatically. I have also become more of a giver than a taker. Overall, Kim’s positive philosophies of enjoying life, having a purpose, and always maintaining a positive attitude has really changed my life.
Carrie Putman
President, Bookkeeping Helpers, Inc.

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Simplify saving and automate assets with Whole Life Insurance

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Install confidence in your finances with personalized guidance and support

Simplify saving and automate assets with Whole Life Insurance

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Install confidence in your finances with personalized guidance and support

Build your foundation for Prosperity.

Is your cash flow out of order? Earn, spend, save: That’s how most of us have been taught to use money. It’s one of the biggest problems with many people’s finances and will keep you from saving and building wealth. 



When you become a Prosperity Pledge member, you can change this ineffective order of operations. You’ll partner with a financial guide who will help you take control of your personal finances by changing your cash flow structure. Instead of spending first, you’ll save first.



The result? Your finances will start flowing like a river (instead of stagnating like a pond). This positive momentum will inspire your friends and family to think differently and start winning with money.

When it comes to saving, many people leave money sitting in one place, slowly (or quickly) eaten away by inflation. Others become frustrated from managing multiple accounts (e.g., checkings, savings, investment portfolios, hedge funds, 401[k] plans). Neither is a great option.  


Disrupt this typical way of thinking about money by pruning your finances and watching them flower like a rose. Instead of juggling several accounts, you’ll watch your wealth flourish with whole life insurance thanks to its guaranteed growth.

Whole life insurance will set you on course to claim financial freedom — without the volatility and risk of the stock market. That means you’ll have room to own not only your finances. You’ll also reclaim your time, responsibilities, mind, and actions. 


Unlike stock market investors whose finances are at risk with every market dip, you’ll have peace of mind that your wealth will grow slowly and steadily (like the tortoise that wins the race). Instead of a roller coaster ricochet that could plummet any time, you’ll automatically get guaranteed growth over time.  

Taking control of your finances is more than saving and budgeting. It’s connecting to your greater purpose in life. Instead of hoping to retire one day and (only then) doing what you love, you should be living your life of purpose now. 


It starts by forging financial freedom, but it takes time and work to get there. So let us take the administrative burden of managing money off your plate. With Prosperity Pledge, you’ll get personalized guidance and an expert support team to help you make the most of your finances. And as you gain financial freedom, you’ll have the time and space to do what you love. 


We understand that managing personal finances can feel gloomy when facing recession fears, fluctuating inflation, and volatile markets. But learning how to own it will be your ray of sunlight, breaking through the clouds, leading to a life of purpose and Prosperity. 

What our prosperity pledge clients have to say

Build and protect wealth with whole life insurance.

Financial institutions have convinced people that the only way to build wealth is to keep their money at risk. After the Nasdaq plummeted 33.1% and the S&P 500 sank 19.4% in 2022, you’re probably looking for a safe way to build and protect wealth.


Thanks to creative life insurance strategies, risk and reward don’t have to be inseparable. Whole life insurance can help you limit financial risk while empowering the four areas of financial freedom: building, protecting, using, and passing on wealth.

Whole life insurance will empower you through:


Tax-deferred wealth accumulation


Volatility hedging


Lifelong protection


Robust death benefits

If you’re worried about your investments or frustrated with paying tax on all of your income, consult with one of our experts. Here’s how your free 30-minute consultation will work:


1) Ask any questions about your finances or whole life insurance

2) Answer Kim’s “fav five” personal finance questions

3) Get a personalized strategy to build and protect wealth

Now is your time to explore whole life insurance. You could miss out on thousands of dollars in accumulated returns the longer you wait.

Focus on what matters most.

When your finances are in place and organized, you’ll have the time and confidence to do what you love. With Prosperity Pledge, you’ll get personalized financial support to set and meet financial objectives. webp to png@2x

You’ll get exclusive access to:


Your personal financial guide will make sure you’re on track through semi-annual calibration meetings


A knowledgeable support team is available for unlimited insurance requests, finance questions, and Prosperity coaching


Your customized WealthView 360™ will help you take control of your money with a comprehensive view of your finances


The nine-video Prosperity Pledge course and Whole Life 101 will help you grow in financial wisdom

Join Prosperity Pledge today to claim these valuable resources that will help you gain confidence and realize exponential growth in your financial journey.

Meet your guide to Prosperity.

As the award-winning founder of Prosperity Thinkers, Kim D. H. Butler will help you take the guesswork out of building wealth. You’ll learn how to confidently make your money work without spending a fortune on investment fees and taxes on every penny you earn.

  • CIO Views’ 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Business (2022)
  • CXO Outlook’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders (2022)
  • Author of eight ground-breaking financial books
  • Co-host of The Prosperity Podcast since 2015
  • Co-founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement™
  • Founder of Prosperity Thinkers™ — The Silicon Review’s 10 Best FinTech Companies to Watch (2022)
Kim Butler Home on White

Inspire a lifetime of learning.

Learn how to prosper by establishing good money methods with whole life insurance. You’ll develop a Prosperity mindset with our educational resources, including:












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Not sure where to start?

Our financial guides are here to help. The heart of our mission is to help you live a life of Purpose and Prosperity. However, we understand it can be hard to sort through your financial options.



 If you have any questions or would like to request a free consultation, click “Talk to an expert” below.

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