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Get Your Family Excited About Generational Wealth

Family Legacy Card Game (based on chapter 14 of the book Perpetual Wealth)  is a fun and interactive way to help teach multi-generational wealth strategies with a catchy, easy-to-remember gaming experience that the whole family will enjoy. 

Haven’t read the book, Perpetual Wealth?

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Learn how to play Family Legacy Card Game by watching the video above from “The Prosperity Podcast” co-host Spencer Shaw and edited by Zane Shaw.

Learning in the name of Fun

Similar to the game Go-Fish, draw from a deck full of cards with generational wealth terms to be the first to spell “FAMILY-L-E-G-A-C-Y” and win the game.

2 – 6 Players

There are 10 Cards for each Phase representing the strategies and tools that go into that Legacy building phase.

Family – Building Years – Brown
L – Creating Capital – Green
E – Parenting and Projects – Purple
G – Transition Years – Teal
A – Expansion Years – Red
C – Wisdom Years – Yellow
Y – Legacy Years – Blue

Before cards are dealt, remove the Wild and Whammy cards (see Wild & Whammy cards section) and then shuffle these cards back into the remaining deck after the deal is complete.

Each player is dealt 7 cards face up in front of them. Players arrange their 7 cards face up in row in the order the cards were dealt. After shuffling back in the Wild and Whammy cards into the remaining cards, the deck is then placed face down in the center as the Draw pile and the top card is turned up next to it to start the Discard pile beside it.

The object of the game is to collect one card from each phase of life left to right to spell out FAMILY LEGACY with 7 cards.

Standard play is 7 rounds and the dealer rotates.

Beginning with the player to the dealer’s left, players take turns drawing one card from either the draw or discard piles. The drawn card may either be swapped for one of that player’s 7 cards, or discarded in the discard pile.

Play continues until a player has all 7 cards, one from each phase in order to spell out FAMILY-L-E-G-A-C-Y. That Player will yell “Legacy”! Once a player has Legacy, that round is done and scored.

At the end of the round, total the scores for each player. After 7 rounds of play, the player with the most points wins Family Legacy!


50 points – First player to have all 7 phase cards to spell out FAMILY-L-E-G-A-C-Y

15 points – 3 cards in a row in the correct position
20 points – 4 cards in a row in the correct position
25 points – 5 cards in a row in the correct position
30 points – 6 cards in a row in the correct position


The Beneficiary cards can be used in lieu of any position of the 7 cardsand counts toward scoring. When this card is drawn, choose a player to give this card so that they can choose to replace any one of their cards. It will count in the scoring. The Beneficiary card must be given away, not kept. The card being replaced goes into the discard pile.


When you draw a Whammy card, you choose a player to give it to which does not have a blocking card. If given a Whammy, it must be replaced before going out with “Legacy” and must be replaced with the proper correct position card before any other moves can be done.

For example:
If a player has a Whammy in the L position, an L card must be drawn before any other moves can be made.

1) Opportunity without Opportunity Fund and Emergency without Emergency Fund cards. If one of these cards is drawn, it can be given to any player to put on top of a player’s card that is in the correct position. Both the Whammy and the card underneath will be replaced at the same time when that player is able to do so. Whammy cards replaced are put at bottom of draw pile.

A player in possession of any one of these WHOLE LIFE cards blocks the Emergency and Opportunity whammy cards and the player cannot be given the whammy, regardless of the position of the blocking card.

2) No Will and No Trust cards

When either of these cards are drawn, it can be given to any player to cover a card that is in the correct position.

A player in possession of any of the estate planning cards blocks the no will and no trust whammy cards and the players card can not be given the whammy, regardless of the position of the blocking card.
If playing with only two players and the other player has the blocking card, then the player who drew the whammy card will put the card randomly in the middle of the draw pile, not in the discard pile.

Reinforce Generational Wealth Principles With Your Family
(while having fun)

Use the Family Legacy Card Game to reinforce principles from chapter 14 of the Perpetual Wealth story by Kim Butler.

Using Family Financing for leadership development.

Guidelines for family lending and borrowing.

How to get the whole family saving.

Communicating about money, values, legacy and more.

Haven’t read the book, Perpetual Wealth?

Buy the Book & Card Game Bundle


Kim Butler chatting with Steve Gordon on the Unstoppable CEO Podcast about the Legacy Card Game


Haven't read the book?​

The Family Legacy Card Game is based on the book, Perpetual Wealth, written by Kim D. H. Butler.

Buy The Book & Card Game Bundle

perpetual wealth feat small

About a year ago, we published my 8th book called Perpetual Wealth by Kim Butler & Kate Phillips

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The idea of Perpetual Wealth has always fed my Soul Purpose.
Perpetual meaning long term legacy and Soul Purpose meaning what I was put on earth to do/give. Those two go together in a way to drives my energies every day. This book gives you some concrete steps to take with your family to work on both Legacy and your own sense of your gifts (and your family's gifts) to the world.

Entrepreneur and author of NYT best-seller, Killing Sacred Cows,
and What Would the Rockefellers Do?


Learn together with your loved ones

There is power in Perpetual Wealth that is not commonly understood by the typical investor.
The idea of using wealth for multiple purposes to create long-term wealth is one that few people understand and Perpetual Wealth outlines in easy to understand language. I use this system for myself and my clients.

CPA, founder of Wealthability and best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth.


Family Legacy Card Game

Learn with the whole family


These Principles cards are extra cards not used in the playing of the game and are intended to be useful reminders of the guiding principles and there are three of them so that they can be given away or shared.

Children age 6 and up should be able to play since they are able to read and spell out Family Legacy.

Chapter 14 in book Perpetual Wealth and the concepts in that chapter about the components of the 7 phases of life

We recommend playing with two decks of Family Legacy

The rules say they are to be layed out in the order that was dealt, left to right, face up.

Yes, but it will be much more meaningful and enjoyable if you have.