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Perpetual Wealth

Use “Family Financing” to Build Prosperity for Generations to come.

Perpetual Wealth shows how families can create wealth together to serve the good of all. We call it “Family Financing,” and it’s about much more than money!

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The Definitive Book on Generational Wealth
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The Definitive Book
on Generational Wealth

Co-authored by best-selling author, Kim D. H. Butler, and wealth coach Kate Phillips, Perpetual Wealth may be THE definitive book about building and preserving wealth for generations. It details the advantages of using whole life as a powerful savings strategy, lending method, and legacy vehicle.

Perpetual Wealth also gives the of multi-generational life insurance strategies… how to insure children, grandchildren, even parents.

The idea of Perpetual Wealth has always fed my Soul Purpose.
Perpetual meaning long term legacy and Soul Purpose meaning what I was put on earth to do/give. Those two go together in a way to drives my energies every day. This book gives you some concrete steps to take with your family to work on both Legacy and your own sense of your gifts (and your family's gifts) to the world.

Garrett Gunderson

Entrepreneur and author of NYT best-seller, Killing Sacred Cows,
and What Would the Rockefellers Do?

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Kim Butler Call Us Today


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Kim Butler Call Us Today

Kim D. H. Butler is not a “typical financial planner.”

Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC, and a leader in the Prosperity Economics Movement, Kim is recognized as an “Investopedia 100” top influential advisor. She has also authored six ground-breaking financial books, including Busting the Retirement Lies and the Amazon best-seller, Live Your Life Insurance.

A Story You Can Relate To

Perpetual Wealth also includes an engaging story of a fictional family that will show you examples and ideas for:

family group of three

Using Family Financing for leadership development.


Guidelines for family lending and borrowing.

family save

How to get the whole family saving.


Communicating about money, values, legacy and more.

This is – by far – the best way to build intergenerational wealth.
I am always looking for ways to explain the family banking concept to my clients. I’ve researched every other vehicle and method I can find, and I am confident this is - by far - the best way to build intergenerational wealth. Perpetual Wealth is a vital resource for families and business owners who want to create a lasting legacy. The information on how and why to insure children, and the diagrams showing ways to structure policies to benefit generations to come are easy to understand.

Jason I. Henderson


Jason Henderson Financial Coach
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Beyond Life Insurance

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Not “just” a book about life insurance strategies, Perpetual Wealth also covers:

  • 13 strategies for raising financially responsible children.
  • Why “typical” financial advice actually sabotages generational wealth.
  • Lessons and warnings from affluent families on what NOT to do if you want an inheritance to be used wisely.
  • A step-by-step Prosperity Economics “financial blueprint” for each stage of life.
  • Wills, trusts, wealth protection and wealth transfers.
  • Ideas for family retreats, mission statements, a family finance “council” and more.
  • The impact of long-term thinking on your finances… and how to nurture it!
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There is power in Perpetual Wealth that is not commonly understood by the typical investor.
The idea of using wealth for multiple purposes to create long-term wealth is one that few people understand and Perpetual Wealth outlines in easy to understand language. I use this system for myself and my clients.

Tom Wheelwright

CPA, founder of Wealthability and best-selling author of Tax-Free Wealth.

Tom Wheelwright
You Will Discover…

The “4 Cornerstones of Generational Wealth” that ensure an inheritance will be wisely used, not wasted.

Surprising family wealth wisdom from the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warren Buffett, the Carnegies and more.

How anyone can create a firm financial foundation and an inheritance using life insurance!

Why life insurance is “better than a bank” for growing wealth.

Where to find money for your Family Fund.

Creative wealth strategies for multiple generations.

Beneficiary mistakes to AVOID… and what to never leave your children!

And how to invest in the future of your family… and leave a lasting legacy!