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LISTEN: Audio mp3 (22:42 min) The bottom-line objective of any individual financial program is to provide an ongoing stream of income to meet the necessities

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Why Everybody Wants Whole Life Insurance (and its benefits!)

On some financial topics, people have become so conditioned to seeing things from a single perspective it makes them incapable of recognizing other – perhaps even better – ways of addressing these issues. The on-going fallout from the “meltdown/crisis/recession/global-economic-funk” offers a striking example of an obvious solution that almost no one seems to see:

For one reason or another, everyone wants whole life insurance.

Don’t believe it? The disbelief just further proves the point. Whole life insurance is so far outside the awareness of both average Americans and the mainstream financial press that collectively “advises” them, that they have become blind to what’s been there all along.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t the sexiest financial topic, but as an aspect of risk management, it remains a foundational component in every financial plan. And, in

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How much permanent benefit high cash/value dividend paying whole life am I entitled to?

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