Prosperity Pledge™: Should You Have a Financial Accountability Partner

Accountability partners are people who agree to walk your journey with you as you work towards a vision. Most often, you’ll hear of people seeking accountability partners for their health—they want someone to join them at the gym, or take on a diet with them. Working toward a common goal with someone can be a great motivator…so what about a financial accountability partner? 

If you want to achieve specific outcomes on your financial journey, it can help to have someone on your journey who understands what you’re trying to do. 

A Financial Accountability Partner

Managing your finances is one of those things you CAN do yourself, yet it can be time-consuming, draining, and confusing if it’s not your full-time job. For most people, it’s simple enough to set up your accounts on auto-pilot and let things run their course. 

Yet when you want to shake things up, you don’t necessarily know the best way to go about things. Suddenly, you’ve got to start thinking about how to do things in the most efficient way. How do you save the most taxes or mitigate more risk? What are the legal limits of the strategy you’re trying to employ? 

Sometimes, you may even want someone as your financial accountability partner so you can get encouragement and reassurance that everything is running smoothly. That’s pretty valuable in and of itself.

So while there’s a lot you CAN do, you may want to think about how a partnership might help you better achieve the objectives you set, even if you switch them up over time. 

Can Your Financial Accountability Partner Help with Whole Life Insurance?

At Prosperity Thinkers, we sell whole life insurance. Specifically, we like to help people think of their whole life insurance as an emergency/opportunity fund, in addition to being an insurance product. As such, we design policies that can optimize your cash value growth. 

For example, it’s likely you’ll want a whole life insurance policy with a Paid-Up Additions rider. This means that in addition to your base premium, you can contribute additional cash each year, up to a certain limit. With PUAs you can also buy additional death benefit.

PUAs also provide you with the flexibility to fund your policy more, without affecting your minimum guaranteed premium. This means in a year that you want to pull back on premiums you can, simply by reducing your PUA contribution. However, this can take some paperwork and planning, and you’ll have to contact the insurance company to change your automatic payments. You can do this yourself, or you can work with a financial accountability partner to help you so that you don’t even have to think about it. Then, if you’re ready to add your PUAs back in, they can help with that too. 

We’d love to be YOUR financial accountability partner so that you can navigate your policy to match your life’s vision.

Financial Accountability Partners Are There to Assist

Working with life insurance companies can take a lot of time, and there’s generally some paperwork and phone time involved. This is true when you want to make a policy loan, change your payments, or even invoke a rider that you’ve paid for. 

For example, if you have a disability rider or waiver of premium on your policy, and you become eligible to use it, you’ve got to show proof to the company before you can activate it. This can be time-consuming and tedious when you’re already dealing with a lot. Having a financial accountability partner shortcuts that time, because we can step in and handle the most stressful aspects. 

We also have a decades-long relationship with the life insurance companies we work with. This means that we know how they operate, and have systems in place to make it as painless as possible for everyone involved. You can leverage our skills, knowledge, and relationship to access your policy with as little “headache” as possible. 

We want to help you use your policy with ease! 

The Limits of a Financial Accountability Partner

We’re thrilled to partner with so many policyholders as they use their whole life insurance. It’s an honor to assist them as their life evolves, so we make sure that their policy is always serving them. And we’d love to help you stay accountable to your whole life insurance policy and financial objectives, too. 

The reality, however, is that being a financial accountability partner to hundreds of people is a BIG task. And it’s one that we do happily because we care about the success and well-being of all of our customers AND their policies. 

However, the time in a day is limited, and the work we do to help people navigate and use their policies is completely pro-bono. As our company continues to grow, we want to ensure that we can be the best accountability partners we can be. And for us, that means focusing on the people who truly desire that partnership. 

The Prosperity Pledge™: Your Destination for Financial Accountability

Whole life insurance is an incredible asset. However, having whole life insurance and managing it on your own is like transacting in real estate without a realtor or driving a car without a good mechanic to call. It’s possible to DIY, yet results may vary.

That’s why our team worked to create the Prosperity Pledge™. With the Prosperity Pledge™, you’ll have access to our full capabilities as your financial accountability partner. We’ll work with your vision to make sure that you stay on track, and can help you make stress-free adjustments to your portfolio of insurance policies (even if that’s just one policy). 

You’ll also have access to other benefits, such as a customized and holistic profile of your finances. This snapshot gives you a good idea of where you are so that you can take the necessary steps to get where you’re going. There are a lot of programs out there that do this, yet NONE that include whole life insurance as an essential part of your portfolio. This profile has room for all of your assets, including more difficult ones to quantify, like your estate planning documents and other assets. 

You’ll be able to set targets and get ideas of what you can do with your funds when you reach a new target. We want to help you optimize the dollars you have, and make continual traction toward your goals. 

Connect With Us

As your financial accountability partners through the Prosperity Pledge™, we’re here to cheer you on, support you, and hold you to your objectives as you move toward your optimal state. 

Are we YOUR financial accountability partner? Get started with Pledge today. Or, if you’re ready, see if a whole life insurance policy can help you… book time with us today. Have questions? Email them to the team at We*****@Pr****************.com and we’ll help!

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