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If you knew about a 200+ year-old method to building sustainable wealth, safely and reliably, would you use it?

Most people gamble their financial futures using typical approaches; but as the stock market becomes more and more unpredictable, the danger of these strategies is becoming painfully obvious.

A powerful alternative to building sustainable wealth is to tap into the financial industry that is rated to be one of the strongest of all industries. And this same financial industry provides the perfect “sleep at night” account to hold your money while it grows tax-free.

Live Your Life Insurance shows you how to:

  • Truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of whole life without the hype.
  • Learn the whole truth about the costs and benefits of using whole life insurance cash value.
  • Discover ways that the death benefit can be advantageous to the insured (not just the beneficiaries).
  • Make money like the banks make money.
  • Earn interest like the car-finance companies.
  • Finance major purchases, expenses, even vacations in a way that keeps your money at work.
  • Build a small business that acts big.
  • Get a C.L.U.E. (control, liquidity, use, equity) about your money.

If you’re ready to tap into a resource that’s been around for over two centuries, but hidden by traditional financial institutions, then you’ll love this eye-opening little book about life insurance!

Live Your Life Insurance teaches surprising and viable strategies for developing prosperity at every stage of life – through your life insurance. It’s available in digital and audio versions, as well as paperback, or a combination digital download package.

“Kim Butler’s book… clearly presents you with the little known fact that ‘the first Beneficiary of your Life Insurance policy should be YOU.’ It is likely the most under-utilized opportunity in personal finance to increase your cash flow.

“You read that right: you don’t have to die to use properly-designed Life Insurance! It’s not about just borrowing from your cash value, you don’t sell your policy to someone; none of that here. She clearly gives you some tools and concepts you’ll want when you look to utilize a non-traditional financial planning approach….

“The book is easy for a consumer to read and understand… She divides LYLI into 3 sections: 1. How to Use Your Cash Value, 2. How to Use Your Death Benefit While You Are Living, and 3. A very clear Glossary. Within this framework, she describes 5 phases of owning life insurance from the very first year with real-world examples….

“I’ve known of Kim for years, and I’ve verified these concepts over the last 25+ years, even longer than I’ve known her…. This is an excellent, common-sense approach to personal finance, and it could not come at a better time for you.”

“Remember: The ‘first Beneficiary of your Life Insurance policy should be YOU.’”

-R. S. “Bobby” Mattei,
R. S. Mattei and Associates

“Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.’ and Blaise Pascal is quoted as saying, “I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it short.

“It takes true genius to write this much value in this little space. True, there are longer books. And books that cover more ground. But this has more value per page than any other book I’ve read. Simple. Concise. And clarity because Kim took time to make it short.”

-Donald G. Kemp
Espey Financial Group

Get the little life insurance book that makes a BIG difference TODAY!

LYLI 2016 Cover Medium 1