Busting the College Planning Lies

BCPL Book Only 2

Make smarter and more rewarding decisions about your future with practical—yet outside-the-box—answers to your most important questions about ongoing education.

BCPL Book Only 2

Avoid common pitfalls of saving and preparing for college

learn the best

Learn one of the best (and often unheard of) ways to fund your education


Forge a path to find a meaningful and purpose-driven career

This book opens up the minds of everyone that has the opportunity to read and be exposed to this information. It opens up like a breath of fresh air to what is truly possible in our lifetime, both for the children and the parents.

Your next steps are crucial. Make them count.

Are you planning your future, but the road ahead looks foggy? When entering college, many people fall into devastating traps they didn’t see coming.

It happens all the time: Students graduate high school, excited to enter college. Yet sadly, many leave saddled with unmanageable debt they didn’t fully realize they were getting into. Worse yet, they still feel misguided and uncertain about how to forge a meaningful career.

Enter adulthood with less debt, more confidence, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. We’re here to expose and bust the modern myths of college and college planning.

Make your next steps clear with this easy-to-read yet insightful book that sheds light on how to get true value and purpose from ongoing education.

You'll Learn:

  • A brief history of the college paradigm, how you can take advantage of its strengths, and avoid its shortcomings
  • The true cost of college and how to prepare for a life of learning
  • Common myths people believe about saving for college and how to create a strategy that will work for you
  • How to cut costs of ongoing education while taking full advantage of what it has to offer
  • How to align your pursuit of education with what truly fulfills you

This book is for you if you’re:

  • Someone who’s preparing to pursue continuing education
  • A currently enrolled college student
  • A parent or loved one of someone who’s considering college or is currently enrolled
Many Americans are led astray by financial planners and typical advice to save into a 529 plan or other education fund.

We designed this book to help students and their loved ones rethink how they’ll fund their education.

Busting the College Planning Lies is broken into sections that encourage students to make their education work for them and sections that directly speak to parents/guardians on how they can help their loved ones prepare for continuing education and beyond.

Ideally, the book should be read by both parent and child to generate fruitful discussion that could positively change the course of the student’s financial plans, educational pursuits, and even career trajectory.

I’ve always appreciated the ability that Kim has when it comes to taking often confusing analytical concepts and creating a simple, understandable narrative around them. Busting College Lies is just another example in a long line of easy to read yet information packed books that Kim has authored. I highly recommend it for anyone thinking about college, kids thinking about college or those looking for solutions to our nations college problem.

About the authors

Kim D. H. Butler

kim butler
In writing this book with Elizabeth, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on and be grateful for my own formal education. It’s an incredible gift and opportunity to have, and I hope this book inspires a new generation to reach for their dreams in a multitude of ways. More than that, I hope we can collectively recognize that success has infinite faces.
kim butler

Whatever your path in life, I encourage you to adopt one lesson above all else: to humble yourself as a beginner. In order to be a true “lifelong learner,” you must at some points become a beginner all over again.

There will be new technology, new methods, and new interests that you discover over the course of your life. You can either accept that there is a learning curve and remain curious, or you get left behind.

Thankfully, I’ve had a wonderful support system to help me unearth and put words to this “lifelong learning” message. If you are always learning, you’re always growing. And hopefully, if you’re always growing, you’re always channeling that growth into serving the world and your community–whatever that looks like for you.

I believe that this is the recipe for an amazing human being. If my own work can do one thing, it is to activate lifelong service in order to prevent millions of wasted lives.

Elizabeth P. Hagenlocher

Elizabeth P. Hagenlocher

Elizabeth P. Hagenlocher
Writing this book with Kim was an interesting challenge for me, and one I’m grateful to have experienced. For me, college was a given. I never doubted that it was the right step for me to take after high school. I always loved school, and curiosity is my perpetual state of being.

That being said, funding college wasn’t easy. I had the privilege of a family who wanted to help fund my education, which started with a 529 plan from my grandparents. Unfortunately, much of that account was wiped out in the 2008 recession. By the time I actually got to college, I knew I was in for some pretty significant debt. I had support along the way, but I knew I wanted to be responsible for my own education costs.

Post-college, I don’t regret my decision. College helped me to become a better thinker, writer, and artist. I met some of the best friends I have. I traveled and had experiences I’ll hold close to my heart forever. I do, however, wish I had been better prepared for the “what next” of paying student loans and navigating adult life. I might have made some different financial choices along the way.

While I can confidently say that the path I walked, despite the challenges, was right for me, I know others who have regrets. Ultimately, I want this book to be a guide for the kids who don’t yet know what they want, so they can find more clarity.

For parents, I hope this offers practical solutions to support, guide, and ultimately champion the path your child chooses for their future. Success has many faces and many paths.

As always Kim enlightens us with her wisdom as she busts the "typical" financial planning lies. Parents need to read this book and put themselves on a better financial footing!

I learned that what we should be preparing kids for is not one career but the ability to adapt and pivot when necessary!