Busting the Retirement Lies

Busting the Retirement Lies: Living with Passion, Purpose and Abundance Throughout our Lives

Work ’til 65… Stop working. NOT!
Is it possible that everything you have been
told about retirement – and retirement planning –

Is retirement dead? Perhaps not yet, but it’s on life support.

The concept of retirement, as we’ve known it, is becoming a thing of the past. With the major economic, social, cultural medical, technological, and employment shifts that have occurred in the past two decades, most everyone under the age of 100 now has to re-think what they thought “retirement” would be.

Furthermore, most people have to dramatically re-think their finances if they wish to be – and remain – financially independent. Various “financial planning” industries still view retirement through the lens of the 20th century, resulting in products, services and advice that can actually reduce your chances for comfort in your later years.

Busting the Retirement Lies will challenge and transform your perspective on retirement with penetrating questions, inspiring case studies, and seriously shocking number-crunching. It reveals the flaws of typical retirement planning advice, but goes beyond the numbers to examine if a life of retired leisure can offer the fulfillment we desire (and if not, what can?)

You’ll discover:

  • Why the idea of retirement is fundamentally flawed
  • The dangers of quitting too soon – or working a job you hate
  • Secrets to longevity and fulfillment
  • Why “saving enough” is not enough
  • The real impact of inflation and how to plan for it
  • The whole truth about 401(k)s – why you’ll keep less than you think
  • How financial planners skew projections, creating false expectations
  • Why retirement may be a poor choice – even if you can afford to stop working
  • 7 Principles of Prosperity you can use to “test” your investments
  • How to keep earning money while having fun (and time off!)
  • Real life role models who have created retirement alternatives

Best yet, Busting the Retirement Lies gives practical tips, inspiration, and 7 keys to live fully and LOVE the rest of your life!

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Praise for Busting the Retirement Lies:

“Busting the Retirement Lies makes a compelling argument that we’ve been thinking about aging all wrong… and not just financially speaking.”

– R. Nelson Nash
Author of Becoming Your Own Banker

“Kim Butler exposes the lies behind the entire concept of retirement and shows an alternative to being used up and removed from service much like the gears of an industrial machine. Be prepared to question every statement she makes, and also the rules you thought we all had to live by.”

– Todd Strobel
No BS Money Guy, host of Guide to Financial Peace Radio

“Once I opened ‘Busting the Retirement Lies’, I was hooked and finished it within a matter of hours! This is an incredibly resourceful book, the 401k illustration(s) are a real eye-opener and makes you realize how many hands are in what we think is ours. No point in getting angry, this book is empowering and is yet another signal to take action and get back (and keep) what is truly yours!”

– Jodi Cabral
Holistic Health Coach

“…Busting the Retirement Lies is a must-read for anyone who wants a higher quality of life, and especially those following ‘typical’ financial strategies (or simply panicking because they are not even doing that.) The examples in the book are tremendous, both the positive and inspirational role models, and the hypothetical (but too common) examples of how fees and taxes will erode most of what people think is ‘their’ retirement savings. And even when the truth hurts a bit, she leaves her readers with hope, along with specific strategies for a better, more prosperous life.”

– Kate Phillips
Total Wealth Coaching

Get the paperback on Amazon or enjoy Busting the Retirement Lies on Kindle now!


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