Busting the Financial Planning Lies

Busting the Financial Planning Lies: Learn to use Prosperity Economics to Build Sustainable Wealth

This book could cost your financial planner a lot of money.
Better yet, it will put the money where it belongs – back in YOUR hands!
Busting the Financial Planning Lies reveals how the wealthy ignore the advice doled out by Wall Street and why you should, too.

Busting the Financial Planning Lies tackles how we’ve been led astray by a financial planning industry that benefits when we purchase its products – even when it’s not in our best interest. But it doesn’t stop there…

“This book doesn’t merely point out what is wrong, it gives you a simple way to identify limiting beliefs and will unveil in detail the options you have in order to choose prosperity. Reading this book gives a new opportunity for freedom.”
Garrett B. Gunderson,
Best Selling Author of Killing Sacred Cows

Which of the following statements have been repeated again and again until they are blindly accepted as “truth”?

  • “Put as much as possible into your 401k and other qualified plans.”
  • “Use your retirement account to get tax breaks and defer income tax until retirement.”
  • “Life insurance is only useful to protect breadwinners while they build nest eggs.”
  • “Your home is your best investment.”
  • “You should make extra payments towards your mortgage.”
  • “The stock market produces consistent returns over time that can make you rich.”
  • “Mutual funds are the best and easiest way for most people to invest in the market.”And the biggest lie of all:
  • “If you follow typical financial planning advice, you’ll build a safe, sure path to wealth.”

While some of this advice may keep us out of the poor house, it will never lead to true wealth and PROSPERITY. On the contrary, wealthy people have built their unshakeable prosperity by defying the strategies sold to the middle class!

There is a better way than giving control of our money to the government, financial institutions, and the whims of the market.

Busting the Financial Planning Lies shows the startling truth:

  • Why the advice you’ve heard again and again is actually absurd – contrasted with how the real wealth-builders of our society operate.
  • The steps you must take to go from subsistence to comfort, and then from comfort to prosperity.
  • The big financial planning lie revealed by Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people.
  • Why accumulation is over-rated, and what trumps even cash.
  • How to insulate wealth from market instabilities and changing government policies.
  • Why typical financial planning is so limited; and how to practice “Prosperity Economics” instead.
  • The “key” that turns life insurance from an expense into a wealth-building tool.
  • Why saving for opportunities is just as important (if not more so) than saving for emergencies.
  • How the fine print (“projected returns are before taxes and fees”) may literally be costing you a fortune.
  • What works better (and costs less) than making extra payments on your mortgage if you want to own your home outright.
  • The common thinking that probably has you paying more taxes than you need to pay.
  • Strategies to help you SPEND the money you’ve saved in your later years without running out of it.
  • And much, much more!

Busting the Financial Planning Lies isn’t just a book – it’s the “magna carta” of a Movement. Published by the Prosperity Economics Movement, a non-profit founded by veteran financial guide and author Kim D. H. Butler, this paradigm-shifting book is a collaboration between Kim and other thought-leaders.

Now is the time to break free from the lies of the financial industry and take back control of your thinking and your finances.

Busting the Financial Planning Lies will show you how. This eye-opening book is a tool for ANY forward-thinking financial advisor, agent, accountant, investor, or consumer dedicated to financial independence.

Praise for Busting the Financial Planning Lies:

Our clients do not come to us looking for a plan, they are looking for answers. This book is a great resource for advisors and consumers.”

– Todd Strobel

“The concepts in this book really are like magic. My mother had taught me about the ‘magic’ of compound interest. After studying with Kim Butler and Robert Kiyosaki, I discovered that there was much more to building wealth than simply compound interest.

“The wealthy all use leverage (debt), velocity (movement) and tax planning to become wealthy and to increase their wealth. This book is about how everyone can use these rules to reach their dreams.

“If you want to continue to rely on other people and be at risk for what the government and Wall Street do, then keep watching cable TV. If you want to take control of your life, your time, your money … if you want to reduce your risk while increasing the returns on your investments … if you want to reduce your taxes… then this book is for you.”

– Tom Wheelwright, CPA
Author of Tax Free Wealth, Rich Dad Advisor
Founder and CEO of ProVision, CPAs

“This paradigm-shifting book goes far beyond the typical too-simplistic financial education perpetuated by an industry that benefits when people just don’t know any better. If you’re throwing money in your 401k and praying the stock market will turn your mutual funds into a big enough nest egg to retire someday, stop the insanity and read this book.”

– Kate Phillips
Total Wealth Coaching
Author of The Financial Stress Solution

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