Create perpetual wealth by automating and optimizing your financial growth.

In this free webinar, Kim Butler will teach you how to:

Build a Foundation for Wealth

Learn how to build sustainable wealth by strategically managing your insurance policies.

Automate & Optimize Your Policies

Learn how to become “hands-off” with your policy management so you can focus on growth.

Understand Your Next Policy

Gain a deeper understanding of which policies make strategic sense for your next insurance investment.

Analyze Different Paths for Your Policies

Discover the full potential of your policies by learning from Kim Butler’s experience with over 20 policies of her own.

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Kim D. H. Butler

Founder, Prosperity Thinkers
Co-Founder, Prosperity Economics Movement

One of America’s Most Influential Financial Guides

Webinar Agenda

Kim’s Webinar will teach you to

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Next Policy Webinar Resources

At the end of this webinar you’ll get:

  • Prosperity Proof PDF
  • 7 Principles of Prosperity PDF
  • Whole Life Over Cash Saving PDF
  • Truth Concepts Distribution Calculator Insights
  • An Opportunity for a FREE CONSULTATION with Kim Butler

Bucking the “typical” Financial Planning System

A passionate educator as well as a guide, Butler questions the financial assumptions we’ve been taught, busting myths and backing up her ideas with examples, facts, experience, and calculators. Her articulation of Prosperity Economics philosophy and strategies and the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ have changed the way that thousands of people think about their finances.

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Kim D. H. Butler
Founder of Prosperity Thinkers

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Making an Impact Across the Country

“Kim is an industry leader in prosperity economics and helping individuals and families gain a holistic view of their own personal economies and how to properly manage them going forward.”

– Alexander M. Howell

“Everyone wants to know a way to build wealth safely and that you can effectively have control over, Kim Butler has shown this.”

– Victoria

“Helped me accumulate more cash reserves in a few short years than over 2 decades of stock market investing. I have a much better sense of security now that I never had before.”

– Amazon Customer

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