Announcing: The Whole Life 101 Course!

The Whole Life 101 CourseWhole life is a valuable and versatile financial product that provides an ideal foundation for your finances. However, it’s not always easy to understand the ins and outs or how to best USE it!

Statements from life insurance companies aren’t always clear and helpful. Policyholders don’t always understand the power and flexibility of their policies. And not everyone knows how to utilize whole life insurance to improve their overall financial strategy.

This week, we launched an incredible new resource to help you discover exactly how to make the most of your policy. It’s called “Whole Life 101”—a video course from yours truly, Kim D. H. Butler. We have been working on this behind the scenes for months and this week is the Grand Opening for the Whole Life 101 course!

Why we created the Whole Life 101 Course

Why we created the Whole Life 101 CourseI’ve been helping people with life insurance for over 25 years now. Along with our team, that’s lot of experience of seeing how people succeed with their policies—and what goes wrong when they don’t.

Some people kill policy growth by borrowing too much, too soon and too often. Other people forget how whole life works or what to expect. They may even miss out on opportunities to build wealth with their policy!

It breaks my heart when I meet someone who stopped funding a policy or cancelled it because they just didn’t realize what they had. And even when people DO understand the value of whole life… reminders on how to best use it are important!

The course delivers valuable information that would be difficult to share in such detail with clients individually. It addresses many questions my team and I have been asked over the years about whole life, plus facts policy owners should know. We looked at everything someone should understand to get the most of their policy—and put it in a course!

When I wrote Live Your Life Insurance, the little life insurance book that became an Amazon best-seller, I was spending a lot of time explaining to clients how whole life insurance worked. (I mean beyond the basics—that it has a death benefit and it builds cash value.) The book explains why whole life is the ideal financial foundation and the many ways it can help build wealth.

It was my first book, and I didn’t write it to be a best-seller! I was really just trying to leverage my time and effectively educate more people about whole life insurance. I decided to write a book because it is an ideal “one-to-many” strategy. So I gathered up all of the examples and stories I had shared with clients and put them down on paper… and in the book!

Why we created the Whole Life 101 CourseThe Whole Life 101 course sort of picks up where Live Your Life Insurance leaves off. There’s a little overlap—they both cover the C.L.U.E. acronym—but the video format allowed me to go further. In one video, I share my computer screen and explain a policy illustration. The course also has a video I did with my husband, Todd Langford, using Truth Concepts software. (This is software he developed to demonstrate the rate of return of a whole life policy, and it’s an eye-opener!) I also use Truth Concepts in another video to describe a “spend down” strategy that can reduce your taxes later in life!

Although we have a few books which are largely focused on life insurance, Whole Life 101 is different. It has a visual element that can be a very effective and engaging way to learn. There’s also a lot of brand new content in the course. It contains thirteen videos and a quiz. Plus, there are links to many resources so you can take a deep dive into various topics that interest you.

I loved the simplicity of being able to turn on a camera and start talking. Books are great, but there’s something refreshing about just being able to SAY what I mean.

And with today’s technology, the possibilities of online learning are virtually endless. You can watch the Whole Life 101 course on your phone or computer, and review it again and again. I’ve wanted to do a video course for awhile and I’m thrilled to have it available!

What the course covers and who it is for.

What the course covers and who it is forThe Whole Life 101 course is especially for those who either already own whole life insurance or are in the process of considering or purchasing it. I made it with our clients in mind, and I know it will be so useful to many others as well. What do you need to know about dividend options? Which payment option is best? How do policy loans work? How does taxation work? How does cash value grow? What costs are paid within your policy? How can you use your policy for your benefit?

I also explain some misunderstandings about life insurance in the videos:

  • Why whole life isn’t the same as other popular “permanent” life insurance.
  • Why we also use term life insurance—in my family and with our clients.
  • Why I no longer call it an “investment.”
  • The role whole life plays into your personal economy.

It’s important for people to understand how their policies work and what to expect. I explain “life insurance language” and I offer insights on the life insurance industry.

I also share how to use your policy later in life. When people buy a policy, they often do so to build cash value and/or to put a legacy in place. I explain how you can utilize the cash value, the dividends, even your own death benefit—in different ways at different times.

Get Started with Whole Life 101 Today!

Get Started with Whole Life 101 TodayIf you already have a whole life policy, this is the essential “tour guide” for your policy.

⇒ Go to to get started.

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