Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance Q & A with Kim Butler

Life Insurance 101Our hosts are back in this episode of The Prosperity Podcast to answer all of your life insurance questions. “No BS Money Guy,” Todd Strobel, and best-selling financial author, Kim D. H. Butler instruct listeners in Life Insurance 101.

Answering common questions, Kim and Todd clarify differences between types of life insurance, and give listeners sound insurance advice. They explain the many different ways we can use life insurance, and which types are the most ideal for different situations. This truly is a life (insurance) lesson you won’t want to miss!

0:19 – Welcome
0:42 – Common questions regarding life insurance
1:00 – What to do with your cash?
2:00 – The oldest life insurance product
3:40 – Clarifying whole life vs. term insurance
6:10 – Summarizing functions of life insurance
7:07 – Convertible term insurance
9:31 – Term/whole life hybrids
13:49 – “In force” illustrations
15:10 – Kim’s last thoughts


For more about creative ways to use a whole life policy to build wealth, see Kim’s best-selling book, Live Your Life Insurance. If you would like a broad view of how Prosperity Economics differs from typical financial advice, we recommend Kim’s book, Busting the Financial Planning Lies.

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3 thoughts on “Life Insurance 101”

  1. victoria deblase youngblood

    This is a great, easy to understand, explanation even for the non-insurance educated person. A must read.

  2. Something like this should be required for all high-school students to listen to. Even with insurance in general, it can be quite confusing if you haven’t really dealt with it before.

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