Kim Butler: How I Discovered Infinite Banking

The measure of prosperity should be not how much money we have, but rather how much freedom we have with our money.
– Kim Butler, Infinite Banking Practitioner, Author of Live Your Life Insurance

MoneyRoll-300x199Last month, we published an article about “Borrowing Against Life Insurance: Why It Pays to Become Your Own Banker.”  Of course, the phrase “becoming your own banker” was coined (and is the title of a well-regarded book) by R. Nelson Nash, one of the pioneers of the Prosperity Economics Movement.

Nash is known as the father of the Infinite Banking Concept, which has played a major role in the rediscovery of Whole Life Insurance as an essential part of a prosperous personal economy. This week, we’re going to let Partners for Prosperity’s own Kim Butler do the talking and share the story if how she discovered Infinite Banking and what drew her to the concept, as well as why Nash sent Kim his manuscript. It’s entertaining as well as educational, and we know you’ll enjoy it!

If you are not yet familiar with Infinite Banking, we urge you to learn about this concept.It is a strategy that utilizes the centuries-old rock solid insurance industry to increase the growth, the efficiency, and the flexibility of your dollars. It puts the control of your money back into your hands, rather than under the control of (and for the benefit of) the banks and the government.

Want to Know How Infinite Banking Works?

In addition to R. Nelson Nash’s Becoming Your Own Banker, which gives a lot of background and the “why’s” of Infinite Banking as well as details about how it works, Kim Butler has written Live Your Life Insurance, a handbook that goes straight to the core of the specific Infinite Banking strategies to use at various stages of life to make your money work as efficiently as possible.

And of course, feel free to contact us for personalized help in “becoming your own banker!”

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