In Depth on Dividends – Episode 088


Welcome to the eighty eighth episode of the Prosperity Podcast! Today, best-selling author Kim Butler and host Todd Strobel “do the dividend thing” and go in depth with dividends! They explain the important difference between stock dividends and whole life insurance dividends – namely, that whole life insurance dividends are risk free (unlike stock) and virtually guaranteed (also unlike stocks). We hope you tune in today to learn more about how to guarantee your money, your savings, and your retirement, without being dependent on the random fluctuations of the stock market.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:44 Doing the Dividend Thing

00:50 Comparing Whole Life Insurance & Stock Dividends

04:30 Example of Stock Versus Whole Insurance Dividends  

06:43 How Are Whole Life Insurance Dividends Paid Out?

08:40 Interest Rates & Dividends

13:35 Whole Life Insurance is Not an Investment

14:54 Whole Life Insurance is a Place to Store Cash

15:53 Where to Find More Resources

17:52 Outro

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