Whole Life 101 Course Instructions [FAQ]

Get help with accessing and navigating the course.

Upon registering for the course, you will receive two separate emails. One will be your receipt, and another, labeled “Your Whole Life Insurance 101 account has been created!”

This second email will include a link to access the course, as well as an automatically generated password to login with. This email will give you what you need in order to access the course.

If you know your login credentials already, you can always login to the course from this login page: https://prosperitythinkers.com/login/

Watch our video walk-throughs below:

Access Course After Purchase

Access Course Anytime

Occasionally, technology fails us and this email doesn’t get sent, or maybe it got stuck in your spam/junk folder. If you do not receive this email within 5-10 minutes of purchasing, no problem!

You can easily access the course by resetting your password using the  same email address that you used to register for the course. You can click here to reset your password.

Once you reset your password, you will receive an email titled, “Password Reset Request for Whole Life Insurance 101”

Follow the link inside this email to create a new password for course access.

Watch our video walk-through below:

Once you login to your account, you’ll be automatically redirected to your dashboard. Inside the dashboard, you will see a section called “Registered Courses.” Underneath this section, click on the course titled, “Whole Life 101.”

Congratulations, now you’re inside the course! You should see a welcome video from Kim D. H. Butler, as well as the course curriculum on the left side navigation panel.

You can click into each module, and it will expand to show all of the topics inside that specific module. Once you click on a topic name, it will load the video lesson, as well as any additional resources related to the topic.

Watch our video walk-through below:

In order for the topic to be marked as complete, you have to successfully reach the end of the video that’s associated with the topic.

We have made all of the modules and topics immediately available to you, but if you’d like to keep track of which topics you have completed, make sure you watch the video through to the end so it can be marked as complete.

We encourage you to complete all of the topics in the course before taking the quiz assessment, as the topics provide specific content that will help you answer these questions.

In order to pass the quiz, you will need to score at least an 8 out of 10.

Your Whole Life 101 subscription comes with a lifetime access to the course.

No problem, we’re here to assist! If there’s anything else you need help with, please shoot us an email at: