The Problem with Non-Profits – Episode 072


Welcome to this episode of the prosperity podcast! Join our host Todd Strobel and bestselling author Kim Butler as they talk about the importance of having for-profit entities competing in a non-profit space. Listen as they discuss some of the advantages of for-profit businesses, like sustainability and scalability.

Also, feel free to check out some the products mentioned in the podcast – interesting ideas happening in the for-profit world that solve non-profit problems like this little vacuum that might help companies more efficiently separate their waste for recycling, and this fitness device, that helps people – including some high profile athletes stay fit.

Ultimately, the important idea is not that non-profits don’t deserve support, but the importance of developing creative and functional ideas in the for-profit world that provide services that people desperately need and solve problems affecting people’s everyday lives and our future.

Thanks for tuning in, and keep sending in all the good questions and feedback! We’d love to answer your questions in one of our upcoming shows, and we appreciate your support.

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

00:56 Non-Profits Make Non-sense

03:03 Examples of For-Profits Competing in Non Profit Space

06:11 The Problem of Non Profit Sustainability & Scalability

09:07 Providing a Service that Helps People

12:01 Make A Profit While Creating a Better World

12:29 Zappos & Principled Business

15:07 Sustainable Environments

16:48 Outro

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