Should You Rebalance Your Portfolio? – Episode 070


Should you rebalance your portfolio? This episode of the prosperity podcast discusses this common piece of financial advice. Is rebalancing your portfolio basically selling assets that work to buy assets that aren’t working? Is it important to buy bonds in order to have a balanced portfolio? Tune in to figure out the answers to these questions and more.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:39 Rebalancing Your Portfolio: What Does it Mean?

3:19 What Assets Should You Buy?

5:32 The Trouble With A Balanced Portfolio & Loosing Principle

7:01 Pros and Cons of Bonds

11:39 Income After Retirement: Why Bonds Aren’t the Best Option

12:27 The Advisor Side of Rebalancing and Diversifying

13:50 Principle of Prosperity: Seeing the Big Picture

15:02 Our Goal

15:44 Resources:

  • Feel free to email us with all your questions
  • Check out our blog for free articles and more podcast episodes
  • And finally, check out this truth concepts video about diversification (85 minute free educational video)

17:08 Outro

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