Financial Triage – Episode 083


Join Kim Butler and Todd Strobel today as they discuss financial triage. Learn what three steps occur in a triage, and what personal financial triage means to you. Also, find out what to do if you are experiencing financial triage to take back control of your money and regain your lost opportunity cost. Most importantly, listen as Kim and Todd discuss addressing systemic finance errors, i.e., habits, like not saving consistently or investing with too much risk. Thank you for listening to the Prosperity Podcast and, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at we*****@pr****************.com, with any and all of your questions, comments, and concerns. We’d love to hear from you!

Show notes:

00:00 Intro

00:15 Financial Triage

01:12 What Three Steps Occur in a Triage?

02:19 What is Financial Triage?

06:02 A Simple Example of Financial Triage

07:24 Financial Triage Around Insurance

08:16 What To Do If You’re Experiencing Financial Triage

10:20 How To Make Today’s Finances the Most Efficient That You Can

10:42 How the Media Affects Financial Triage

11:25 Addressing Systemic Finance Errors: Habits

11:55 Not Saving Consistently

12:58 Investing with too Much Risk

14:48 What Are the Most Important Financial Systems?

15:46 Contact Info

16:37 Savings Does Not Mean Sacrifice

16:58 Outro

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