Fiduciary vs. Suitability Standard

Who Should Give Financial Advice?

P4P-012-FiduciaryvsSuitabilityStandardIn the debate over what kind of financial advisor you should (and shouldn’t) take advice from, it is clear where best-selling financial author Kim Butler and “No B.S. Money Guy” Todd Strobel stand. In this podcast they discuss the differences between advisors who operate from a Fiduciary standard and those who work from a Suitability standard.

Kim stresses the value of the focus a fiduciary advisor will place on their client, contrasted with the focus the advisor will put on themselves. Whose best interests take priority?

Todd summarizes the episode’s theme in one poignant comment. He encourages buyers to listen for two different sentences when meeting with their advisors. If they say, “I am required to say if the recommendations I make are good or bad for you,” their focus is on not on you. If they say, “I am required to say if the recommendations I make are the best for you,” your success is the first point on their agenda.

The two leave the podcast with a few words regarding the value of Prosperity Economics and ways that those listening can hear more about it.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Welcome
0:32 Fiduciary vs. Suitability Standard
1:21 Advisor working from a fiduciary standard definition
1:51 Advisor working from a Suitability standard definition
4:40 Good or bad for you vs. best for you
5:19 License differences
6:05 Assets under management
7:00 Investment fees separate from advice fees
9:56 Qualifications for making a decision on a specific investment advisor
12:00 Prosperity Economics vs. typical financial planning.
13:58 List of Kim D. H. Butlers books on Prosperity Economics.
15:14 Wrap up


For a broad view of how Prosperity Economics differs from typical financial advice, we recommend Kim’s book, Busting the Financial Planning Lies, or sign up to receive our ebook, Financial Planning Has FAILED as part of your free Prosperity Accelerator Pack.

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