Bye, Bye to Bonds – Episode 018

On today’s episode of The Prosperity Podcast, Kim Butler and Todd Strobel dive into the realm of bonds. They discuss the history and current climate of bonds, such as muni-bonds. The current market and quality of those bonds are examined as well. The recent San Bernadino ruling on bondholders and pension funds is broken down. They wrap the show up by reminding you to adjust your strategies and techniques as the times change.

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[0:41] What is a bond?

[1:55] Investing Today – Bond Funds

[3:32] Consider the Stability of the Issuer

[5:34] Recent Bankruptcy Hearing

[6:28] Pension Promise VS 401k/403(b)

[8:52] History of the “Promise”

[10:01] A Pension Perfect Storm

[11:11] The Current Quality of Bonds

[13:33] Will Interest Rates Increase and What Happens if they do?

[15:04] Change the Strategies & Techniques with the Times

[15:58] Cash Value of Life Insurance

[17:10] Outro

[17:58] Epilogue

Be sure to check out Kim D.H. Butler’s book, Live Your Life Insurances, which can be purchased on her site or on Amazon.

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