Theresa Sheridan

Client Coordinator and Life Insurance Specialist

At Partners for Prosperity, I see myself as an ‘insurance advocate’ for our clients. I enjoy helping them find the right insurance company, qualify for the right rates, and for the right policy that they then can use as a strategic financial tool.

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Your advocate in taking action.

Imagine being just a kid and going up to perfect strangers to talk to people about a cause you believed in. Imagine being a kid and getting up in front of large groups of people to speak your mind. These early childhood experiences came out of Theresa’s deep commitment to helping people make changes in their lives, a commitment that continues today in her work with P4P clients. She loves seeing clients achieve the lives they have always dreamed about.

Big company experience, personalized service.

Theresa established a strong work ethic at a young age; as a teenager, Theresa would ride her bike between a half-day at school and a half-day at work at a local bank. Then, she continued working in banking for over 10 years with large companies like JP Morgan/Chase.

That experience with large financial institutions helps Theresa today as she works as your advocate with insurance companies. But more than anything, Theresa’s lifelong commitment to being a “change agent” in the lives of the people around her makes her an advocate that you definitely want in your corner.

Die-hard service with empathy.

With her “no matter what it takes” persistence and adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances, you can count on Theresa to help you out in more ways than you might expect. And above all, because she can hear what you aren’t saying, she brings a great deal of empathy to helping you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Theresa is our multi-generational life insurance specialist as well as a key team member who helps our clients reach their financial goals!

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