Understanding Insurance Dividends – Episode 063


Join bestselling author, Kim Butler and Todd Strobel as they discuss dividend-paying whole life insurance: what are they, where they come from, and what they can be used for. Figure out whether or not you can change your dividend policy, and what the most common strategy for dividends is.

If you’re looking to learn about your insurance policy, ask for an “inforce” illustration or ledger from your insurance company. Then feel free to send it over to Kim and she’ll be happy to explain it to you, in plain english. She’ll tell you whether it’s universal life or whole life, the internal rate of return, strategies for how to save the policy if it’s starting to have problems, etc.

As always, we appreciate your questions, concerns and comments! Send us an email at welcome@prosperitythinkers.com.

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

0:56 Dividend Election: What They Are, Where They Come From

03:03 Do All Insurance Companies Pay Dividends?

04:33 What Else Can You Do With Your Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance?

05:42 Can You Change Your Dividend Policy?

06:22 Using the Dividend to Buy Term Riders

07:26 A Strategy for Modified Endowment Contracts and Dividends

08:43 Which of These Strategies Are Used Most?

08:55 Repaying Your Loans Using Your Dividends

10:58 How can I learn about my insurance policy?  

  • call your insurance company
  • ask for an “inforce” insurance illustration or ledger
  • email it to kim
  • she’ll be more than happy to explain and discuss it with you!

12:31 Outro

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