Powerful Principles of Prosperity – Episode 002

Picking up where they left off last episode, Kim D. H. Butler joins No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel in discussing the remaining 4 principles of the 7 Principles of Prosperity.

Kim and Todd start the episode off by reminding us of the first 3 principles – Think, See, and Measure – and briefly recap details and applications of these 3 principles.

Continuing on, Kim then introduces the remaining 4 principles: Flow, Control, Move, and Multiply. She goes into detail about what these principles are and what they mean for us. She provides strategies involving these principles to help us more fully utilize our money and maximize our prosperity potential.

After Kim briefly reviews with us the 7 principles, Todd recounts two real-life client examples to help illustrate how using these principles can help us be more financially prosperous and have financial flexibility. He then compares that to a story illustrating how ignoring these principles can cause fiscal hurt and restrict our financial freedom.

0:00 – Introduction
0:15 – Hello with Todd Strobel
0:27 – Picking up where we left off
0:51 – Reviewing first 3 principles of prosperity
4:23 – Principle #4: Flow
5:08 – Cash flow should start the day you start saving money
5:45 – Money shouldn’t end when in a retirement or savings account
7:04 – Principle #5: Control
7:30 – Who controls your money?
8:49 – Principle #6: Move
9:30 – Move your money through things, not to them
11:00 – Principle #7: Multiply
11:50 – Do your dollars do multiple things?
12:35 – Review of 7 Principles
14:00 – Example of real life clients
15:48 – Wrapping up

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