Morning Health Habits – Episode 161


Best selling author Kim Butler and co-host No B.S. Money Guy Todd Strobel share different morning health habits that will help you live a more happy and prosperous life.

Tune in to find out how to take control of your finances today. Do you have a question you would like answered on the show? Please send it to us at and we may answer it in an upcoming episode.

Links in this Episode:

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Tim Ferriss’s new book Tools of Titans

Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Path to Wealth by May McCarthy

The new coffee phenomenon Bulletproof Coffee

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction

00:31 Today’s topic: Morning Health Habits

01:40 Tips in the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

02:39 Todd’s advice is to live a life in balance

04:24 Kim shares the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

05:32 Book: The Path to Wealth by May McCarthy

07:27 Todd’s tip is to lay The Bible in the kitchen so you can do “Bible Nibbling”

08:18 Play the gratitude game while you’re waiting and notch it up one by adding the spiritual or inspired aspect of the item

09:40 Get outside and enjoy the fresh air

11:11 Todd’s advice is: ADIO – Healing comes from Above, Down, Inside your body and Out

12:38 Put fuel in your body every morning

13:28 Todd Langford uses Bulletproof Coffee and Protein

16:55 Drink enormous amounts of water especially first thing in the morning

17:17 Make sure you laugh at least 30 minutes a day to release healing chemicals

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