Lets Talk Prosperity – Episode 001

Bestselling author Kim D. H. Butler and co-host Todd Strobel sit down to talk Prosperity and discuss strategies to help us reach that lofty goal. Kim shares what Prosperity means to her and how to get our dollars to do more by utilizing a prosperous mindset.

Kim and Todd discuss the differences between Scarcity and Prosperity and the benefit of recognizing continuous potential for more resources. We can learn how to experience prosperity without taking away from someone else.

Todd and Kim tell us about how we don’t have to take greater risks with our money in order to experience prosperity; we don’t have to settle and deal with risk tolerance. They introduce us to the 7 Principles of Prosperity and review the first three: Think, See and Measure.

0:17 – Introduction with Todd Strobel

1:21 – Kim D. H. Butler’s take on the word Prosperity.

3:10 – Prosperity versus scarcity.

6:22 – Isn’t prosperity related to risk?

10:20 – Introducing the 7 Principles of Prosperity.

10:30 – Principle number one: Think.

13:51 – Principle number two: See.

16:32 – Principle number three: Measure (opportunity cost).

18:42 – Questions? Reach out to us!

20:44 – Wrapping it up

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