What is the Kim Butler Brand?

The word “brand” has lofty connotations these days. Even a person can be a brand today. It might surprise you to know that before Prosperity Thinkers came to be, there was discussion on whether “Kim Butler” should be the face of the brand. So I want to share with you WHY the idea of Prosperity Thinkers is important to me.

The Rebrand

Last year, I had the opportunity to get crystal clear on the messages that I want to promote. These messages are a part of who I am as a person, and also reflect how I think about whole life insurance: as an asset that helps people take ownership of their lives, create opportunities, and live more Prosperously (i.e., positively). This personal clarity of message inspired me to consider how I present that message to the world.

At first, consideration basing the brand on “Kim Butler” the person made some sense. My marketing team even suggested calling the practice “Kim Butler Life.” However, I found myself resistant to this idea, and I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. We’re sharing my messages, and I am selling the life insurance. However, I am not the only piece of the equation.

Kim Butler headshot

Kim Butler AND Team

The truth of the matter is, I have a team behind me that makes what I do possible. I get to focus on selling life insurance because I have an experienced team behind me to support the non-selling aspects of the job. Without a team behind me, I couldn’t focus on the things I love best: talking and connecting with clients. I am only a part of the Prosperity Thinkers team. When I identified this as the source of my hesitation, everything made sense.

To center Kim Butler as the brand didn’t feel like the correct move, because the brand extends beyond me. And the incredible thing is that I am supported by a team who is as passionate as I am. Each of us gets to use our vastly different strengths every day because we make room for each other to do so. I win because I get to do my favorite tasks, my team wins because they get to do their favorite tasks, and the people we serve win because they benefit from the efficiency of a passionate team! Not to mention, the people on my team understand and support my messages themselves! Which is a way of saying, the messages I have to share are also the messages that my team wants to share. It’s not just MY branding because we all have a vested interest in sharing the content and service that we share.

Seeing it this way, the Prosperity Thinkers brand is a no-brainer.

The Prosperity Thinkers’ Brand

When we decided it was best t move away from the Kim Butler solo brand, the question became, “Now what?” This is how the idea for Prosperity Thinkers took root. I wanted a brand to encapsulate my team AND my community. Because I believe that everyone I work with has Prosperity in mind. I talk with people every day who are learning that life insurance is a way to save money efficiently, and with financial freedom in mind. In other words, this community is anything but typical.

We are Prosperity Thinkers, and we support Prosperity Thinkers, both present and future. This is a Vision that supersedes me, and I also wanted the brand to reflect that. The community I’m cultivating is not something I want to be at the center of… the team and community are the center. And I want the community to survive beyond me, for this company to be its own legacy. The education I seek to provide is more important than the name I attach to it. Yet, names are important because of the messages they project. Centering Prosperity Thinkers over Kim Butler allows people to understand what they’re getting quickly: education on money methods, and tools for Prosperity.

If you value personal integrity and responsibility, acting from faith rather than fear, creating scenarios where everyone succeeds, and the pursuit of Prosperity, I hope you find community with Prosperity Thinkers. If we can answer questions for you, or help you begin your journey, we look forward to hearing from you! You can connect with us here, or email us at we*****@pr****************.com

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