Putting it All Together: How to Cultivate Prosperity with Positivity

Recently, we’ve shared two articles filled with data that proves that the news you read and watch isn’t always the most accurate reflection of the world at large. You can read those articles here and here.  Now, in this final installment of GOOD news, it’s time to put everything we’ve learned into action. It’s important that good information and news be “up-leveled” for practical usage in your own life so that you can use them to cultivate Prosperity. 

Up-leveling what you learn into actions can help you:

  • Be in a better position for opportunity
  • Make positive changes in your lifestyle
  • Implement new and innovative ideas
  • Find more satisfaction in your daily activities
  • Live in the moment

Good news can be uplifting, yet uplifted thoughts only last so long. To have a lasting positive impact, you must learn to take action! You’ll see the fruits of this work unfold in your life for the better, and Prosperity follows mindset! 

Putting all the Data Together

First, let’s put all of the data we’ve seen together into one powerful infographic. Below, you’ll see the data points distilled into these simple charts. When you look at the world through this distilled lens, the truth is clear: the world is moving closer and closer to Prosperity. We’re not just talking about wealth, either: Prosperity is about thriving, not just surviving. And the chart below makes things clear—in the last two centuries, we have significantly moved the needle from surviving to thriving in many ways.

Does this mean the work is over? Of course not. 

However, what this does mean is that we can expect this progress to continue. Technology is getting more advanced by the day, making education, healthcare, and financial opportunity increasingly accessible to people. We predict that growth in these data points will continue exponentially. 

Turning Information into Action

There are several ways to turn knowledge into action, and doing so can create major opportunities in your life. Here are just a few ideas of how you can turn positive news into transformative action.

Ride the Wave of Change

For some people, learning of positive change can be an inspiration to join the change. For example, learning that literacy is increasing may inspire you to foster that idea further. There are infinite ways for this to be done—maybe you support existing programs that foster literacy, for starters. Those more inclined to entrepreneurship may find a way to create a model that helps programs develop young people into young entrepreneurs by using their literacy skills to help the world. 

Position Yourself for Opportunity

News like the above may also help you see opportunities. For example, if improving healthcare interests you, you may be inspired to do more extensive research. In turn, that research can clue you into technology or methodology that has the potential to disrupt the field as we know it. And where there’s disruption, there’s often major growth. 

Using the clues you get from positive news might just be a sign to dig deeper and support the next major advancements in our world’s technology. 

You may also see opportunities in your personal life. In the first installment of this series, it became evident that life expectancy is increasing, and continuing to do so. This can be a fun fact, or it can spur you to action. Are you prepared for a long life? Buying life insurance, finding a job you don’t want to retire from, and looking after your physical self can all be positive opportunities to capitalize on that have nothing to do with money. 

Implement in Your Mindset

Does good news help you glean understanding you can apply to your own life? Maybe the feeling of positive news helps you to be more productive, and feel more accomplished. Negative news tends to drag us down and keep us from doing our good work because fear can be distracting. Good news, on the other hand, is encouraging! If nothing else, maybe the intake of good news can inspire you to create better habits that positively affect your mindset. It an take some training if you’re used to absorbing negative news, yet once you feel the impact of a positive outlook, you might just get hooked. 

Seek Out More Good

Like begets like, and when you add positivity to your life, more positivity tends to follow. When you start to seek out positive stories and outcomes, you see more good in the world. This is why I choose to do daily gratitude and “positive focus.” It trains my mind to find the good in any situation, which leads me to be more confident and relaxed throughout my day. And I think we can all agree that being in a good mood makes life more sweet. 

What Does This Have to Do With Prosperity?

The answer is actually deceptively simple. It’s hard to build wealth when you’re in “Scarcity Mode.” Fear, anger, and other typically “negative” emotions tend to lead us down this path. Especially when it comes to world news. After all, when we fear the state of the world, we tend to make financial decisions out of fear. Saving money in the wrong places, pulling money out of the wrong accounts, making rash investments—these can all lead to financial consequences. And the catalyst, truly, is fear. Fear so often leads to half-baked ideas.

When we turn our minds to positivity, we see a world of possibilities. Good news isn’t just fun—it serves the purpose of calming the fear in our minds, so we can slip back into a state of mind that allows us to think through things. It’s not a matter of turning a blind eye to the world. Focusing on the positive is more about managing your mindset so that you can take actions that are in alignment with your values, NOT your fear.

And of course, Prosperity isn’t just about money. It’s about abundance. It represents an abundance of joy, satisfaction, time, memories. Mindset leads to Prosperity because Prosperity IS mindset. It’s a measure of how much enjoyment and satisfaction you can derive from the life you have. Money tends to improve this, because it helps eradicate fear, yet there is no magic number to officially be prosperous. You will know when you are living in Prosperity.

How Can We Help?

Good news is just good news until you turn it into a positive force in your life. However, absorbing good news is a great place to start if you’re tired of the negativity in the world. We hope that you continue to seek out things that improve your joy and confidence, and that you feel inspired to take positive action. 
If we can help you cultivate Prosperity in your life, or help you to take positive financial action through a life insurance policy, we’re here to help. You can contact us here or email we*****@pr****************.com with any questions you have.

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