Avoiding Faux Prosperity – Episode 075


Welcome to the seventy-fifth episode of the prosperity podcast! Join our host Todd Strobel and bestselling author Kim Butler as they discuss the important difference between faux prosperity and real prosperity. Learn why annuities and universal life are more accurately labeled as faux prosperity products and how to become more aware of financial products that don’t deliver on their promise.

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0:00 Intro

0:35 The Difference Between 4-Prosperity and Faux-Prosperity

1:42 Faux Financial Products: Universal Life

4:35 Annuities as a Faux Financial Product

6:42 The Importance of The First Principle of Prosperity: Think

7:36 Paying Attention to What We Read

9:05 Ignoring Marketing Messages: Don’t Believe You’re Not Enough

10:24 Always Look for the Whole Truth: Busting Interest Rate Lies

13:30 Outro

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