The 6 Best Books for Wedding Gifts

When a couple in my life—be they friends, family, or clients—I love to celebrate with them! Part of the way I celebrate is by sending a care package of what I believe to be the best books for wedding gifts. These are books that have meant a lot to me in my marriage to Todd, or that helped me raise my kids to be the amazing adults that they are. Plus, I have one new book I’m adding to my wedding gift box! 

My 6 Best Books for Wedding Gifts

While there are many books that I think can be powerful sources of information and inspiration for marriage, these are the ones that I personally send to newlyweds that I know. And I send two copies of each book—one for each spouse! I think this helps couples to read the books in tandem and take their own notes. 

1. Striving Zones by Kathy Kolbe

Striving Zones is a book that explains the importance of the Kolbe Profile, which I consider to be one of the best marriage tools out there. It describes how people act and get results when they’re free to be themselves. It’s not a personality profile, but one about the ways in which humans solve problems. 

Understanding how you and your spouse naturally approach problems can help you support each other and find common ground when you disagree. Because Todd and I understand how the other takes action, we have the tools we need to get even better results. 

If you become parents, not only can this amplify how you approach parenting, but it can enhance your relationships with your kids one day. 

2. StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath

The Gallup StrengthsFinder is another powerful way for spouses to understand themselves and each other better. This book can be a great tool to help couples think about their strengths and how to hone them, rather than spending all their time fixing shortcomings. I think this is a powerful reframing and goes a long way in creating healthy partnerships. 

3. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Do you know what makes your spouse feel most loved? In Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages, he suggests that people feel loved when that love is expressed in one of five ways. The reason many people struggle to keep the spark going in their marriage is often because they’re not communicating in their partner’s love language. 

For example, Mary may be expressing her love to Mike by spending quality time with him, because she knows that’s what makes her feel loved. Meanwhile, Mike feels most loved when he receives words of affirmation. In an effort to make Mary feel more loved, he expresses this love in return. So while they’re both trying to express their love for one another, there’s a disconnect happening. 

Chapman’s book is a great starting point for couples to open a conversation about their own love languages so that they can express AND receive love. 

4. My First 300 Babies by Gladys Hendrick

I truly consider My First 300 Babies to be THE system for raising babies, and it creates peaceful and secure children. My kids are who they are because of these books. While it’s certainly a firm system, it’s full of valuable wisdom for getting your baby on a schedule (rather than living on the baby’s schedule). While it may read as a bit outdated, I know that this system works, and highly suggest it for new parents. 

5. Treasure Tree by John Trent

Treasure Tree is a fantastic children’s book that adults can benefit from, too. It teaches the wisdom that everyone has their own strengths and personality, and how beautiful that can be. This is a great book for kids to learn how they contribute to their family’s dynamics, create ease between siblings, and much more. 

As newlyweds grow their families, my hope is that this book can help them create harmony in that experience. 

6. Value Creation Kid by Lee Benson and Scott Donnell

This is the newest addition to my newlywed gift box: Value Creation Kid. This book is jam-packed with practical advice for teaching kids about money from an early age, so that they have a foundation for success. In the book, Benson and Donnell rightfully point out how parents, in an effort to protect children, may actually be limiting their opportunities to learn powerful lessons about money. This book provides real solutions to empower kids to earn, save, and spend their money with wisdom. 

This is such a powerful book for parents who want to raise financially competent kids. It even has an app to put that learning into practice: GravyStack

Books Are Powerful

Marriage can be such a blessing, and my hope is that with these books, I can help to amplify that blessing by passing wisdom onto others. There are so many books out there that make great wedding gift books. If you’re recently married and reading this, I hope you’ve found something new to read with your spouse. And if you are getting ready to attend a wedding, I hope this has given you some wedding gift book ideas. 

While most of these books have nothing to do with money, I think they encourage a Prosperity mindset. After all, it starts in the home! What couples build together affects the way they see and use money, and how they transfer that knowledge to the next generation. A solid marriage is a great foundation for Prosperity. 

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