5 Suggestions for Lifelong Health

At my most recent Strategic Coach session with Dan Sullivan, I heard something from Peter Diamandis that caught my attention. He shared his personal tips and suggestions for lifelong health. That is, the things you can do to enjoy a long life. And what I loved most is that they’re so proactive. They are things that anyone can do and find some improvement in quality of life.

Personally, I want to be married to my husband, Todd Langford, for 100 years. The choices I make reflect this desire (and my life insurance policies also protect this idea). I’m also supported by the sheer fact that I love what I do…so if I live to 140, I know what I’ll be doing with those years and how I’ll make an income. 

Whether you want to be married to your spouse for 100 years, know each of your grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren, or even just continue to do what you love, check out some of these ideas. You might find that adopting some or all—making them your own—can have a huge impact. 

5 Tips for Lifelong Health

1. Get Good Sleep. 

Sleep, and rest, are paramount for your mind and body to work at their best. When we take time to rest our bodies and minds, we can be sharper in our activities. It’s worth being well-rested as often as possible. Peter Diamandis’ personal sleep habits include a full 8 hours of sleep, a cool, dark room, and weighted blankets. 

While experts agree that in general, 7-9 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period is ideal for rest, you may have different sleep habits. What’s most important is that you find what makes you wake up feeling well-rested, energized, and ready to take on the day. If that means getting nine hours, turning on a ceiling fan, or wearing the right pajamas—prioritize those things. 

The sleep principle is something I actually apply to more than just sleep. I also apply the idea of rest and recovery to my business, through my practice of Free Days. These are days I specifically set aside to rest from my business, and take some downtime. That way, I can come back to my business ready for anything. Humans aren’t meant to be going at full throttle all the time. Rest is the key ingredient to sustainability—in your activity level, work ethic, and much more!

2. Mind Your Diet.

When I say diet, I don’t mean a small time period of eating less or differently. What this really means is adapting your overall diet so that you’re using food the way it’s intended—as fuel. Not that you cannot enjoy your food. Quite the contrary. Eating “fuel” can be a very enjoyable process, especially when you identify what makes you feel good and brings you joy. Peter Diamandis’ dietary habits include intermittent fasting, drinking 2-3L of water, minimizing sugar, and maximizing vegetables. This is what makes him feel great, sustains his exercise habits, and you’ll notice that it’s not incredibly restrictive. On the contrary, it’s full of guidelines and goals, which creates flexibility.

I practice this myself when I am choosing foods. If you know me, you know that I love ice cream. I grew up milking cows with my sister, and that milk would get turned into delicious ice cream. It’s not something I want to “give up,” so I don’t. Instead, I eat lots of veggies and things that make me feel my best. Then when I get to eat my ice cream, there’s no guilt. I also have a lot of fun finding snacks that are both delicious and “fuel foods.”

3. Exercise Regularly

Next on Peter Diamandis’ list for lifelong health is regular exercise. There’s a study that shows a direct correlation to muscle mass and longevity. So, Peter includes regular exercise into his routine. I do this as well. While I have dedicated workout times, I also live on a farm, so I try to incorporate workouts into my natural workflow. Walking and lifting things are a regular part of my day. I find that adding in movement as I go through my day improves my energy, my mood, and my endurance. 

I think of it like this: the more you do of something, the more you can do. In other words, movement begets movement. The walking you do today makes the walking you do tomorrow 

easier, and the opposite can be true as well. So it’s important to me to stay in the habit of these things so that I can enjoy being in motion, and the freedom that comes with it until I’m 140. 

4. Cultivate a Longevity Mindset

You know I love talking about mindset! I believe that a positive, opportunity-focused mindset is an essential tool for Prosperity. Likewise, Peter Diamandis believes that a positive, longevity-focused mindset is essential to a long life. I’m inclined to agree, and I think it boils down to my spiritual faith. 

I believe that our thoughts have tremendous power. The more we focus on something, the more it tends to appear in our lives. So a negative mindset makes other negative things seem more prevalent, whether they are or not. A positive mindset, too, makes the good in your life more apparent. When I can focus on my mental and spiritual wellbeing, I feel more prepared to tackle whatever is thrown my way. 

I’m human, so of course, things are not always perfect, yet my faith gives me the tools to handle challenges with grace, and dig the positive out of any situation. This translates to longevity because much of your health and well-being is contingent on your outlook and the actions you take as a result. The above three tips, for example, can get you far, however, if you’re not thinking of your long-term longevity, or believing that a long and healthy life is a possibility, those actions may seem less important as a result. 

I’ve mentioned a few times that my longevity goal is to live to 140 so that I can enjoy my marriage to Todd for 100 years. Whether I make it or not isn’t really the point. The point is that I live my life accordingly…and I believe that it is possible. (Subsequently, I make my financial decisions in this same way. Knowing I’ll have life insurance in place and I have a job I want to do forever makes me feel pretty good about 140.)

5. “Not Dying from Something Stupid”

This is in Peter’s words, however, I think that while it makes for a good laugh, it’s actually pretty practical. What’s the first thing that came to mind when you read the header? I can almost guarantee that it’s different from what came to my mind. This is actually very telling, and your gut reaction can give you a good idea of the actions you can take to prevent you from dying of something you find stupid. What may seem like a funny send-off to a serious list is a great moment for self-reflection. That way your actions can be in line with your beliefs. 

Live Long, and Protect Your Best Asset

If you want to hear more about longevity, you can sign up for Peter Diamandis’ Longevity Insider newsletter, so you get his curation of longevity news and advice. 

If you’ve decided you’d like to live a long life and want to add a layer of financial protection to your longevity, let us explain how whole life insurance works, its strategic use over the long haul, and what kind of policy might make sense for you. Just connect with us here or email we*****@pr****************.com to set up an appointment, ask questions, or get started on an application. We’re here to help!

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