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If you want to keep your money off Wall Street and out of the hands of big bankers, this podcast is for you. In this personal finance show catered to independent thinkers, investors, and entrepreneurs, we teach you how to take control of your money NOW and start living the life you choose TODAY. These strategies will help you bring your future retirement into the here and now.

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Why typical financial advice is not just flat out wrong… but DANGEROUS – (ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE UNDER 40)

Top Podcasts About Prosperity

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Top Podcasts About Prosperity

What is Prosperity, if not your material wealth? While, of course, money is a piece of the puzzle, true Prosperity is a bit more specific. The kind of Prosperity we want to help others cultivate requires you to look internally. Because while Net Worth or income can reveal some insights, they don’t really explain whether someone is rich in opportunities, experiences, gratitude, or memories. The amount of money someone has does not always represent how much they can do with their money either. 

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