Traditional Versus Typical Finance – Episode 081


What is the difference between typical finance and traditional finance? Join Kim Butler and Todd Strobel on this episode of The Prosperity Podcast to find out. Learn about how the stock market, and the risk involved in stock market investments, has changed over time and how that affects the most stable retirement and savings strategies today. Also, learn about the how different financial strategies are like either farming or hunting – either long term or short term – and either risk saturated, or risk avoidant.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:55 Ways to Compare Partners for Prosperity to the Mainstream

1:22 Traditional Versus Typical Finances

6:06 How the Stock Market Has Changed

10:55 The Difference Between Farming and Hunting (as an analogy for finance)

12:29 Farming Work as Long Term Work

16:06 Resources – Live Your Life Insurance

17:07 Outro

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