The Next Generation of Finance – Episode 069


Welcome to a very special episode of the Prosperity Podcast! On this episode, instead of our usual co-host Kim Butler, we are interviewing her son, Robby Butler, a nineteen year old finance major, to get a feel for how the upcoming generation is thinking about finance, the role of government, non profits, and more.

Keep sending in all the good questions and feedback! We’d love to answer your questions in one of our upcoming shows, and we appreciate your support.


Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

0:43 The Next Generation of Finance

0:29  Introducing Our Guest, Robby Butler

2:58 How Does Our Current Education System Prepare the Next Generation to Handle Money?

4:16 Going to College & Automatic Debt

5:48 The Role of Government in Our Everyday Financial Lives: Are They Doing What They Should?

7:17 How Do You Feel About The Role of Nonprofit Versus For-Profits

10:45 What Does The Future Look Like For You?

13:20 What Would You Say to Parents About Finance?

14:33 Outro

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