The Growing Cost Of A College Education – Episode 024

Kim Butler and Todd Strobel breakdown college and why the costs keep rising. They analyze higher education based on the Prosperity Principles and also from looking at the numbers. They take into account both the parent’s and the student’s prosperity as factors.

Are there alternatives to handling the cost of education? Yes, and we discuss why a 529 plan is NOT what we recommend.

Finally, we answer the age old question of, “What are they teaching kids these days?” in today’s episode of the Prosperity Podcast.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[1:06] Why Does a College Degree Cost so Much? (Article)

[4:12] College by the Numbers

[5:38] Parent’s Point-of-View

[8:36] Is College Teaching Prosperity Thinking?

[11:34] The Cost is MUCH More Than Just Tuition

[13:31] Underfunded Pensions and How They Affect College Costs

[14:12] An Expensive Question

[17:00] Pro-Prosperity Thinking

[18:56] Wrap-Up

[19:39] Outro


Tammi Brannan at Instinctive Life

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