The Circle of Money to Create Wealth – Episode 322

Do you want to understand more about money processes? In today’s episode, Kim and Spencer dive into the circle of money to create wealth, how it’s going in, how it’s going out, and how it affects you. You will learn more about good financial habits that will help you build wealth. They explain this topic in the previous podcast #307, but today they dive into it more deeply. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Best-selling author Kim Butler and Spencer Shaw show you how to take control of your finances. Tune in to The Prosperity Podcast to learn more about Prosperity Economics thinking and strategies today!

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Show Notes

  • The previous podcast in which Kim and Spencer explain the circle of money – 0:43
  • The principle of cash flow – 1:00
  • Money is going out every month – 1:29
  • Storing savings: using a life insurance policy – 1:43
  • Working on creating cash flow – 2:44
  • How to enable your wealth efficiency- 3:46
  • Where can I put the extra money? – 4:30
  • A whole life insurance to save your money – 4:56
  • Explaining the circle of money to create wealth – 6:30
  • Premium policies – 8:17
  • Convertible Term Insurance – 9:49
  • If you are confused about what to do, schedule a call with Kim – 11:07
  • Part one of this circle of money: episode 307 – 11:30

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