Thanksgiving Poem: – How Whole Life Insurance Saved Thanksgiving

By Kim Butler and Team

‘Twas late in November and the holidays were near.
Bringing chaos and bare shelves to stores everywhere.
It was 2020 and people hid in their homes, unseen.
Even considered replacing their turkey with a microwaved cuisine. COVID-19 was still lingering in the air
And it made gatherings of 10 or more people a nightmare.
“There won’t be family gatherings or Thanksgiving prayers
No reason to cook or pull out the extra chairs.”
As Thanksgiving approached gratitude quickly arrived.
There was a business opportunity that had materialized.
There was hope on the horizon and a proactive plan in place.
The world could still connect without going to outer space.
A master inventor prepared with his aha! moment
Reached out to gain access to a part of his endowment.
The fund was for opportunities and emergencies.
His agent called it a whole life insurance policy.
This was his moment to invest in himself
Building a software that would fly off the shelf.
He typed like a mad man
and worked through the night.
To build technology that would save Thanksgiving outright.
On the Eve of Thanksgiving he launched his new product
Getting families all over the world to pull out their wallets.
They bought his new software to connect with their family,
Even upgraded to premium for their friends happily.
Life was no longer so dramatic.
And his life almost seemed cinematic
The money he borrowed and invested
Came back 10 fold and was not detested.
So there you have it, Thanksgiving saved
because gratitude and money had been raised.
It causes us to turn our gratitude to you,
our clients and readers who work like our glue.
Keep praises going, and your mindset on Prosperity,
we’ll be here alongside you to guide your Perptual Wealth
as you grow and increase your financial health.

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