Financial Pep Talk: 3 Ways to Step Boldly into 2021


First, take a deep breath. If 2020 has left you feeling “adrift,” you’re not alone. The changing world is a shared experience, one that we can navigate together. We think it’s time for a pep talk—so that you can shift gears and get that forward momentum you’ve been looking for. 

Within every challenge, there is an opportunity—so it’s time to start seeking opportunities! If you’ve been looking for a sign to do things differently, this is it. Below, we offer three steps to move boldly into 2021.

1. Avoid the “Doom Scroll”

Doom scrolling is the inclination to stay glued to the negative news—like rubbernecking at a crash. And while doom scrolling may feel difficult to avoid if you spend any time on social media, it’s imperative that you don’t. Reading nothing but negative news conditions your brain to see more of the same. 

Likewise, when you focus on what’s going right, you see more and more examples of the good happening in the world. How do you start creating this habit? With small steps. A good way to begin is by limiting how often you use social media—try reducing your usage by 15 minute or half-hour increments and be international about it. Replace the time with something that feels fulfilling to you.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the news, yet the news seems to drag you down—only look once a day. Remember that you’re in the driver’s seat, you can choose what’s best for your mindset!

2. Invest in Yourself


While we spend a lot of time talking about assets, without you, you have no assets! So when things seem tough, prioritize yourself and your skills. If your career isn’t working out, you’re in between jobs, or if you want to find additional streams of income—ask yourself how you’ll get there.

Is there a skill that you want to learn, that will help you up-level your business or make you a more valuable team member? What research can you do that will help you step into a new role? Focusing on what you can do, and building upon your human capital, can help you weather financial storms because you are making yourself (not just your product or service) more valuable. 

You are capable of great things—so don’t be afraid to do great things!

3. Look to the Experts

When it comes to finance, it’s easy to subscribe to the belief that, “Everyone’s doing it, so should I!” Yet, if the “average” person is executing a financial plan with average success, is that really the path you want to take? 

Now is the time to study the successful, not the average! The businesses who have thrived in the pandemic are those that used the power of pivoting. They changed business models overnight, and people welcomed the innovation. These businesses thrived because they broke away from the pack, and were willing to do the extraordinary in order to see extraordinary results. 

So why, in finance, do we continue to follow the pack? Instead, what if we followed the examples of the wealthy by seeking answers to questions like:

  • Where are the wealthy storing their cash?
  • How and where are they investing?
  • What are they not doing?
  • How do they create cash flow?
  • What tax strategies do they employ?

Asking these questions, and then seeking the answers, will inevitably put you on the path to success. Kim’s book, Busting the Financial Planning Lies, unpacks the myths of the industry and provides alternatives for genuine financial success and CERTAINTY.

Go Boldly into the Coming Year

2020 has been accompanied by many lessons—from resilience to flexibility, from certainty to innovation and experimentation. Learning these lessons, and applying them to our lives going forward, is how we weather the storms. 

When life gets difficult, don’t forget what you’re capable of; and remember to ask yourself: “What can I do?” 

If you’re ready to make a change, want to bounce ideas and strategies around, or are curious about how the wealthy build wealth—contact Partners for Prosperity today. And if you’re ready to take the leap to Prosperity, sign up for our FREE Prosperity Accelerator Pack.

Whatever the situation, the best response is:
How can I be most productive in this moment?


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