Better Your Life by Exploring Whole Life Dividend Options – Episode 350

This week on The Prosperity Podcast, Best-selling author Kim Butler and Spencer Shaw walk us through how to take control of our finances with great strategy and expertise. This week’s episode will help us navigate the overwhelming world of dividend options as well as establishing misconceptions believed about life insurance. Tune in today to increase your knowledge on Prosperity Economics, financial thinking, and how to incorporate these strategies in your life with The Prosperity Podcast!

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Show Notes

  • 1:11—Let’s Dive In: What is the Best Dividend Option?
  • 1:15—The Insurance Company Dividend
  • 2:25—Dividend Election Much Like Reinvesting: “Sets a new floor for guaranteed cash value that will never go down again.”
  • 2:54—”Since This Is a Common Belief, Is This Where We See Many People Staggering?”
  • 3:08—The Staggering Fallacy in Confusion of Dividend Election
  • 3:38—Cash Dividends Are Not Recommended 
  • 3:48—Policy and Profit: The Importance of Basis and Tax
  • 4:44—The Long Term Side: Front-End and Back-End
  • 5:00—Reduce Premium: A Strategy Recommended by Life Insurance Agents 
  • 5:30—”it is much better for you to be paying your own premium and let your dividends go to either cash or paid of additions than to reduce your premium”
  • 5:46— A Necessary Evil: The Common Belief of Life Insurance 
  • 6:05—Truth Logics Calculated, “Numerically Proven and Socially Vetted”
  • 7:00—Benefits of Whole Life Insurance Dividends: Get a Variety of Term Insurance
  • 7:30—Pros and Cons of Term Writers
  • 8:20—Self-Education: The Newest and Hottest Business Model
  • 8:43— “as a society of consumers we need to understand this product, because it is valuable to us.”
  • 9:06—The Importance of Life Insurance Terms
  • 9:25—Whole Life Academy 101 Available For All to Purchase 
  • 10:05—The Useful Tool of Legal Speak 
  • 11:13—Medium Term Policy: Premium Offset Versus Premium Reduce
  • 11:38— “When a Premium is Being Paid, the Cash Value Rises”
  • 12:05—Investment Income That is Greater Than Your Expenses: Payment Premium 
  • 12:30—Safety Net: Elect for Dividends to Repay Loan
  • 13:30—The Value of Navigating the Whole Life Insurance Dividends for Your Phase of Life
  • 14:40—Be Sure to Send in Those Difficult Questions Today to he***@pa*******************.com
  • 15:00—Thank You for Listening!

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