10 Gifts for More Wealth, Less Worry!

Giving: a Partners for Prosperity Tradition

Every June 27, we celebrate our fearless leader, Kim Butler‘s birthday — with gifts for YOU!

This year, we start the giveaway with a complimentary copy of Kim’s first book, Live Your Life Insurance. In some ways, it creates the foundation of all of the other books that have come after, because it tells you how to build your financial foundation.

live your life insurance coverIf you’ve ever wondered

  • the real costs and benefits of using whole life insurance cash value
  • how a death benefit can actually help YOU–not just your beneficiaries
  • how you can use the tax advantages of life insurance
  • how much to purchase (and why a “needs analysis” falls short)
  • and how to use your policy for INVESTING and other opportunities at different stages of life

— this is for you!

And if you think of life insurance as just “death insurance,” this is definitely for you!

Just fill in your information below and we’ll email you an ebook and audiobook of Live Your Life Insurance, revised, expanded… at no cost!

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You can find Live Your Life Insurance on Amazon here and some Prosperity Economics videos on the Truth Concepts YouTUbe channel.

You should receive a confirmation email within a couple of minutes. If not, check your spam folder. You will need to confirm your request for information.

Live Your Life Insurance is a quick read that offers many relatable stories that demonstrate why life insurance has been trusted by families for over 150 years. It reveals surprising wealth-building strategies. It’s been updated and expanded, and it’s been an Amazon best seller. We are thrilled so many people have found it useful!

Next… we’ll send you NINE videos that will SHOW you — with financial calculators — POWERFUL “Prosperity Economics” strategies to accelerate your wealth-building!

These videos feature proprietary Truth Concepts financial software and Todd Langford, also known as Kim’s husband, the founder of Truth Concepts, and “the smartest guy in the room.”

Todd delights in challenging common financial advice. He has influenced many financial thought leaders, authors, advisors, agents, and investors by revealing the “whole truth about money.” (And he makes it fun!)

Each video will give you a new Prosperity Economics lesson such as:

    • How insanely profitable banking really is, and how you can tap into the same profit model.
    • Why saving MORE can have a greater positive impact than earning a higher return.
    • Why paying cash for major purchases can COST you more than you think!
    • The truth about your 401(k) and how they are DRAINED by fees and costs.
    • Why raising taxes DOESN’T necessarily mean more money for the government!
    • The REAL returns of whole life insurance and why it’s nearly impossible to find another savings vehicle that can match it.
    • How the advice to shift from stocks to bonds in retirement could sabotage your portfolio, and how to increase your spendable income!

Enter your email below to get started. We’ll email you an ebook version and an audiobook of Live Your Life Insurance, PLUS the 9 videos. 

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In this video, Kim explains more about the book:

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