Money Poem for Currence


Automate and optimize
Simplify and strategize
these are the terms to get your money to realize
its very own foundational size

Measure’s the only way
To get your mind around the Reservoir
so saving first is the game to play
as all others head you down the wrong way

Starting with investments, like most want to do
creates a mis-direction of your Human Life Val-ue
you see, you are your best investment and having liquidity
enables you to pursue your best life immediately

so instead of planning forward, which is only mathematically correct
measure your progress backwards to today,
…and you will feel better, in all ways
since a new destination, your dollars, a trail will blaze

In order to learn more about this,
We will introduce you to an app called Currence
It rhymes with transference, which is the way to automate.
Setup is so simple, you will relate!

As you keep transferring money in an automated way
From your income on pay day,
That gets deposited into your Reservoir.
It’s so easy, you won’t find it a chore.

From there, go forward with “conscious consumption”
Making money decisions as you have been, yet now
Following your own Financial Doctrine, with gumption!

You’ll notice that along the way, “unconscious savings” starts to occur
That’s because Currence “America’s savings crisis” is solving
Savings is a verb, so let it automatically be evolving!

You’ll find quarterly Baseline Mapping,
A worthy objective for your family to do
You’ll benefit from your own Choice Architect,
That’s what we’ll be providing for you.

While you become a magnet for cash,
your Currence score will rise fast.

Finally, with your Income Under Management(™)
you will start to see the Reservoir rising
which leads us full circle so you can keep strategizing
While your dollars are automated and optimizing!

Money Poem

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