Emma Herman

Emma Herman is a Financial Guide at Prosperity Thinkers™, residing in St. Louis, MO, with roots in the California Bay Area. 

Prior to joining the team, she worked in legal/legislative affairs and nonprofit management for eight years, but found her passion in personal finance when she discovered Whole Life Insurance and Prosperity Economics. 

Emma finds fulfillment in providing financial stability and value to others, driven by the “ah ha” moments her clients experience. She feels Whole Life Insurance is the industry’s best kept secret and she’s on a mission to make it well-known again.

Described by friends as a “go-giver”, social, and thoughtful, Emma enjoys activities like sand volleyball, hosting events, and baking outside of work, as well as volunteering with CASA of St. Louis and her church. Emma is renowned for her white chicken chili recipe and her knack for problem-solving. Though a morning person, she’ll take your call anytime. 

She can’t wait to meet you!

Financial guide, Emma Herman smiling with friends