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Prosperity Thinkers doesn’t do “typical financial planning.”

Our clients tend to be a little bit “different” too.
(You might even describe some of them as financial renegades!)
Different investments small min

All of our clients are committed to creating prosperity, and they are open-minded to philosophies and strategies that challenge typical, limited financial advice and solutions.

We’ve had the privilege of working with several financial authors and thought leaders, as well as with many of their clients. Often, our clients are accredited investors (presently defined as income of $200k/$300k+ couples or net worth of one million or more).

We have no “minimums” as far as income or assets to work with us, although many of the investments and private equity funds that we work with have minimums ranging from $25k to $100k.

There is no “one-size fits all” P4P client, however, we find they share some commonalities:

They want to control their own money.

They like to make their own decisions about their money rather than hand it over to a manager, an employer, the government, or the whims of “the market.”

They’re independent thinkers.

They question the direction the crowd is marching, and suspect that Wall Street brokers and the Big Banks are ultimately serving their own best interests, not those of their clients. They’re open-minded to including alternative strategies.

They desire
financial flexibility.

Many of our clients are business owners, real estate investors, private lenders and entrepreneurial-minded individuals. They don’t want their money locked up until they’re 59-1/2. They want to USE it, often, to actively invest, grow the business of their dreams, or pursue residual income streams.

They view “prosperity” as more than just money.

They value wealth and abundance in all areas of life, viewing their finances as a tool to support their passions, relationships, health, and other treasures.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then we should meet! Contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation today. 

There’s no pressure and no presentation… just a chance for us to meet, and for both of us to ask questions and discover if we can help you prosper.