Bullet-Proof Your Savings – Episode 035

Kim Butler and Todd Strobel dig into the theory that banks are the safest place to save money. Kim explains how life insurance provides better dividends than banks and details what banks ought to be used for. Todd talks about government interventions and how life insurance affects college aid. Finally, Kim and Todd look into the resources available that we provide to broaden your knowledge about life insurance.

Have you ever wondered why movies never show a life insurance agency being held up? Find out on today’s episode of the Prosperity Podcast.

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Show Notes:

[0:00] Prologue

[0:19] Intro

[0:33] Banking Myths

[0:55] Are Banks a Good Place to Save Money?

[2:03] Money Being Reduced to 1’s and 0’s

[4:54] Focus on Control

[7:31] Cash Value of Life Insurance for Businesses

[8:26] Rates of Return

[9:41] Government Intervention in Bank Accounts

[12:27] Life Insurance and College Applications

[13:25] Live Your Life Insurance (and Book)

[13:48] Financial Planning Has Failed

[14:33] P.U.A.

[17:48] Wrap-Up

[18:19] Outro

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