Live Your Life Insurance

Surprising Strategies to Build Lifelong Prosperity with Your Whole Life Policy

Live Your Life Insurance is an eye-opening little book that shows investors how to tap into a financial vehicle that has paid dividends for over a century and a half without fail – whole life insurance – to store money safely where it can grow tax-free and be leveraged for lucrative opportunities. Live Your Life Insurance shows you how to:

  • Truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of whole life;
  • Utilize the benefits of whole life insurance cash value;
  • Discover ways that the death benefit can be advantageous to the insured (not just the beneficiaries);
  • Make money like the banks and car-finance companies; and
  • Get a C.L.U.E. (control, liquidity, use, equity) about your money.

In this Amazon Kindle best-seller, Kim Butler gives many examples of how to grow prosperity through every stage of life using surprising life insurance strategies!