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Busting the Retirement Lies

BRL REAL cover 200x300 1

Living with Passion, Purpose and Abundance Throughout Our Lives

Busting the Retirement Lies questions everything you’ve been told about retirement and retirement planning, and challenges typical assumptions. Learn new perspectives on:

  • Why retiring at age 65 (or younger) shouldn’t be your goal after all (and what to do instead);
  • How financial planners can skew projections, creating false expectations
  • Why your 401(k) or qualified plan is likely delivering disappointing results
  • Role models and case studies of people who are redefining retirement
  • Shocking analysis from financial calculators that show “the whole truth” about retirement planning, inflation, and why you should avoid the retirement trap!

With inspirational examples as well as number crunching, this book will have you re-thinking retirement while designing a life of fulfillment and prosperity! Read our rave reviews and purchase on Amazon now: